5 Basic Robotics Concepts to Share With Your Child

Robots are interesting inventions. They can do many unique things, and they can help us out by doing many tasks that may be too hard or too time consuming for a human to accomplish. Most children enjoy robots. In fact there are robotic animals available on the market to be used in search and rescue operations as well as robotic pets. It’s important to teach your child about robots and show them all the interesting things they can do. Below are five basic robotics concepts to share with your child.

5 Basic Robotics Concepts to Share With Your Child

Image by Flickr user : NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


With the new inventions of technology, robots are playing a bigger role than they ever have before. Today, numerous children’s toys are available using robots. These toys can teach your child an sbundance of information. Some can teach simple things, such as the ABCs, while others can be more advanced and teach more specific information, such as science-related topics. Robots can also be used to teach students in the classroom. Science teachers, for example, could use different types of robots to teach students about the different functions of each and show how each of them work.


Space is a great place to find robots. From satellites to technology found on rocket ships, there are many uses for robots in space. You can teach your child about rockets, astronauts and what they do. Tell your child how astronauts search outer space to help us find out more information about planets, stars and the galaxy. They use robots to help them test the air and the soil on other planets, help them navigate through space and help them simply live on a rocket.


Because robots are so advanced, they can be created to do the same task over and over again on an assembly line. Robots are used to make cars. Each robot is assigned a different task. One robot may have the responsibility of putting the tires on cars, while another robot may be in charge of painting it. Robots have replaced many humans working in factories and assembly lines because they can produce at a faster pace and can work continuously without needing to stop for lunch breaks. Robots don’t just make cars, they can make anything that is produced in mass quantities.

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Like astronauts in space, many seamen use robots. Seamen who search the waters for lost boats, for example, use robots to help search the floor of the ocean. They can also use robots with a camera attached to reach depths of the sea that are unsafe for humans. This helps them learn about species that may be living that far down or learn more about how the ocean works.


Farmers use robots to help take care of their land. They have robots that look like giant cars or trucks that are used to aerate the farms, cut down corn stalks or even milk their cows.

Robots play a huge role in how everything works today. You can teach your child how robots can come in many different shapes and sizes. Each robot can have different functions and different talents. Some robots may be able to drive while others are stationary. Teach your child how robots help us learn more about the world and how it works.

Any other things or tasks that robots are doing on behalf of humans? Tell us about it.


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