5 iPad Accessories You Should Own

The iPad is truly the next generation portable computer. For its thinness and lightweight, it has a ton of features. It comes with a Dual core A5 chip and a battery that lasts up to 10 hours! However, is that all the iPad is all about? Can you customize it or use it with external devices? The answer is yes! Let me present to you 5 must-have accessories for your iPad.

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What are your favorite iPad accessories? Tell us in the comments.

The iPad Smart Cover

If you believe Apple doesn’t make ordinary products, you should be imagining what the ‘smart’ cover can do. It has been designed to be a perfect match – thin and durable. It is a cover that aligns magnetically to the iPad. It also can sleep or wake your iPad! It doubles as a handy stand to rest your device while typing, reading or watching. Smart, isn’t it?

The Camera Connection Kit

Have you been frustrated with all the times you had to transfer your digital photos from your camera to your PC or Mac, and then transfer to your iPad? Those days are long gone now. It is the era of the iPad Camera Connection Kit. With this kit you can import and export videos and photos both ways. What’s easier?

iPad camera connection kit

The AV Adapter

Wouldn’t you like to watch a great HD movie on your HDTV using your iPad? How do you do it? Use the Apple Digital AV Adapter to do it. You can watch slides, pics, movies and anything that you can view on your iPad right on your HDTV in your living room. It’s as easy as that.

iPad AV adapter

The Dock

Finding a port to charge, sync or draw an audio cable to the speakers is easy with the iPad 2 Dock. The Dock also supports other accessories like the Adapter and Camera Connection kit.

iPad dock

The Keyboard

If you’re used to typing on a keyboard, then you must have felt the sheer pain when you tried typing on your iPad. Though it’s much easier on the iPad than the iPod, wouldn’t a keyboard that can connect to the iPad be better? Apple thought of it, hence appeared the Apple Wireless Keyboard that can connect seamlessly to your iPad.

iPad keyboard

One last note. Always remember to buy only official Apple products for your iPad. They may be a tad more expensive but they’re worth the investment.

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Do you own any iPad accessories? Let us know.


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