The New iPad : What We Hoped For and What We Didn’t Get

A twinge of excitement runs through our bones when we hear Apple will be launching a new product, or in this case, a new take on an old product. When Apple announced it would be launching a new iPad, many questions arose. How will they top the last version? What new features will this one have?

As with most new technology, it didn’t have as many new features as we hoped. Yes, the new iPad has new features that the previous two versions didn’t have. Yes, it has a better screen, and yes, it has better networking. But there were a few things most Apple iPad users were hoping to see that didn’t make the final cut.

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the new iPad

iPad 3

We had the iPad, followed by the iPad 2, so it was assumed this one would be the iPad 3. But Apple is not calling it that—it is simply being referred to as “the new iPad” or the “third-generation iPad”. It would have been much easier for Apple to just call it the iPad 3. We all know they are going to come out with another one eventually, so will that one be dubbed “the newer new iPad”?

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The iPhone 4S has Siri, so it seemed like a no brainer that the new iPad would have it too, right? Wrong. The new iPad does have a slight version of Siri, but this version only allows users to verbally dictate things for Siri to do, such as send emails. Unlike the version found on the iPhone 4S, users cannot ask Siri to fetch them information, so if you want to know what the weather is like across the country, you will have to look it up yourself.

New Look

The new iPad does have a 9.7-inch screen with a sharper image, but other than that, the design is still the same. In fact, this version of the iPad is actually slightly heavier and slightly thicker than past generations. (Yes, you may need a new case.) History has taught us that when technology advances, it gets smaller. The new iPad must be the exception.

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More GB

It seemed like every new iPod that came out came with more gigabytes, so it was assumed that the new iPad would continue with this tradition. Sadly, it didn’t, and the new iPad will continue to have 64GB.

More Battery Life

Past iPads have a 10-hour battery life, and we hoped the new iPad would have more. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with a 10-hour battery life, but given that it has more battery-draining features, we are just happy that the battery life didn’t decrease.

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The new iPad may have fallen short on our expectations, but it still does have some great advances. The larger, sharper screen has twice the resolution as the iPad 2 and is great for movies, games and photos. It also allows users to take videos and pictures in 1080p. The new iPad is also 4G LTE compatible, giving users faster Internet speeds.

We’re still anxious to try out the new iPad, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that “the newer new iPad” that comes out eventually will have more of the features we want.

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So, what do you think of the New iPad? Tell us in the comments.


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