6 Cyber Security Products That Are a Must Have

Cyber security is a major concern for businesses big and small. Many of the most famous corporations have been in the news for big data breaches. When you run a medium or large business, you create and accumulate lots of data every day. Client records, financial information, and trade secrets are all at risk if your security gets breached. Thorough cyber security takes lots of programs and significant time to achieve. With the right products on your side and systems in place, you can keep your data secure from significantly more threats.

1. Network Monitoring Tools

Network monitoring looks at your entire network for e-mail issues, slow downloads, and odd user behavior. Network monitoring is a security tool, but it’s also helpful in seeing any internal problems in your network. Because network monitoring checks user behavior, it’ll help you detect internal security threats. You can even monitor the devices (like smartphones and tablets) that employees connect to your network.

2. Firewall Management Programs

Firewalls alone do not provide full protection against security breaches. A firewall management system tracks the information going in and out of your firewall and analyzes any suspicious data. It has the added bonus of letting you know how much bandwidth your company needs.

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3. Event Log Monitoring

Get event log monitoring to track what happens at your private servers or at your business. Event log monitoring programs look for suspicious activity. The best also take steps to lock down or neutralize the possible threat. This software is a must-have for big businesses, because not even a team of humans could look through the event logs a big company produces.

4. Security Consultants

Programs are wonderful at catching cyber security threats, but you have to monitor the results on your own and trust the programs to catch everything. For a truly thorough protection, hire a consulting firm to protect your data and your systems. More and more medium and large companies are outsourcing IT to professionals who lead in the cyber security field.

5. Protection Against Advanced Threats

Some security systems are designed to protect you against threats we don’t yet know about. Some of these threats are able to move around usual security measures and firewalls. The protections use techniques like sandboxing, hiding your endpoints, and analyzing behavior.

6. Antivirus Software

Of course, investing in a complete antivirus software greatly helps optimize your cyber security plan and keeping your business safe. High-end security software will protect you against ransomware, can block millions of threats daily, and prevents your business from falling victim to email scams. You can also find programs that will keep your company’s social media accounts secure and optimize your internal network so that it doesn’t fall victim to a threat. Good antivirus programs are now available for your mobile devices, as well, so there’s no reason why your business’ passwords and data should ever be left unprotected.

Relying on a small IT department and a few security measures isn’t enough anymore. Have an outside company identify holes in your security system so you know how to fill them. Using a third party to monitor your company’s security while you and your IT department stay on top of current trends will help keep your company’s data secure. No amount of preparation can fully protect you, but you can turn your company into a difficult target with excellent monitoring.

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