Why Having Only One Antivirus Product Isn’t Enough Anymore

When you think about the number of viruses that you can catch just by walking around in public, you know you may need more than one remedy to cure them all. The same can be said about your computer system and the number of viruses that are streaming to it each and every day. The best way to look at the need for more than one antivirus program for your business is to consider how you handled your business before the computer age.

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Is Your Computer Well Protected?

You wouldn’t consider leaving your files lying out on the street and you would never think about storing your files in an open drawer at the local library. However, unless you have adequate online protection of your computer files, that’s exactly what you are doing. It seems that every day, if not several times a day, someone or some program is trying to hack into your files through malware, adware or by injecting your computer with spyware, often inside a Trojan horse. While many antivirus programs do a great job, not all of them can catch everything that gets in.

Even those with firewalls are not immune to virus infection, some of which can not only track your movements and steal information, they can cause physical damage to your computer. Additionally, with the increased use of portable systems linked to your computer, the potential for even more damage increases.


When looking at your antivirus software consider the features it offers. Blended attacks and rootkits seem to be the new rage among hackers and not all software offers protection against these threats. The effectiveness of the software as well as its ability to understand the definition of viruses is another important consideration. Verify your software has the ability to be proactive in identifying a potential threat, being able to recognize the behavior patterns of viruses and stop them before they can attack your machine.

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Another aspect of your software is how well it works on different scales. There is a big difference between virus protection for your home computer and that which is configured to protect a large corporation with several systems connected at once. Especially for those using cloud-based servers, the scale of the protection software is important.

System administrators are more likely to maintain your virus protection if it is based through a simple, central console. Its ease of use and configuration will better ensure it is updated regularly and should offer a no nonsense approach to how it is set up. Additionally, any antivirus software you use should offer full support and technical help if there is ever a problem, and not all software packages include the kind of help you might need.

Ensure Updating of Software

There is no such thing as a set-it-and-forget-it antivirus software program. That would be like going to a doctor that finished their education in the 1980’s and has no knowledge about current medical cures. Antivirus software should offer continued cures for all of the new viruses that are employed every day. One final consideration is that most quality programs are subscription based and you need to ensure the subscription doesn’t expire. If you have more than one antivirus program, ensure they are all updated and subscribed to before they expired.

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How many antivirus programs are you using? Do you think there’s a need for more than one antivirus program? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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