New 802.11ax WiFi Standard Ready to Rule

wifi routerWiFi technology is evolving with each passing day. The famous technology vendor Huawei confirmed that they ran a new 802.11ax WiFi standard over five Gigahertz frequency bands, thereby hitting speed of more than 10 Gigabits per second. This new WiFi service is expected to hit more than 10 gigabits for every second, the speed that is almost ten times faster than what is available in the present times.

For testing, a mixture of interference coordination, spectrum allocation as well as hybrid accessibility is utilized to achieve best results in the coming days.

Indeed, evolution of this new WiFi standard is an important landmark in the field of wireless internet technology. In fact this WiFi sector has to deal with the growing number of modern devices connecting to internet and other techniques. From cloud computing, data transfer, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), the list of new technologies is limitless. With this technological advancement, the demand for high speed wireless internet as well as bandwidth is increasing at a rapid rate.

More about this New Age WiFi Standard:

Presently, the wireless internet technology industry is shifting from 802.11n to the 802.11ac which in most cases may go as quick as 1.3 bps. The capacity to increase the speed of bandwidth will generate bandwidth that can offer quick delivery of huge data applications as well as video workloads. In addition, the mobile carriers are also searching for WiFi networks for offloading the increasing number of traffic coming on their broadband networking systems.

Scope of this High Speed WiFi

Be it at air flight, in a park or under the sea, WiFi is available almost everywhere. While you are on roads, you can also use WiFi in car. And this new 802.11ax WiFi standardization will add another feather to the crown.

Keeping pace with the fast changing world, the demand for high speed WiFi technology in the business sector is increasing at a rapid speed. Huffington post has brought an interesting report highlighting few incredible statistics on WiFi technology for the businesses. According to this report, in the year 2014, most businesses can increase WiFi capacity by at least twenty percent. Another report highlights that wireless internet connection is present in more than 25% of the houses throughout the world and nearly two billion WiFi devices were sold in the year 2013. Plus, the total number of the mobile devices connecting to internet is increasing at a rapid rate. Experts forecast that the traffic of mobile data can increase to almost eleven times in the next few years, thereby reaching a rate of more than 180 exabytes by the year 2018.

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Specialties of this New WiFi

Use of modern technology such as MIMO-OFDA is optimized and initiatives are taken for hybrid accessibility through multiple antennas and reduction of interference. Reaching the milestone of 10Gbps will not be a difficult task. As the term suggests, MIMO-OFDA is combination of two types of technologies. Multiple-In, Multiple –Out (MIMO) leverages multiple antennas for transmitting as well as receiving performance of better communications, while the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDA) uses different types of data streams. This next generation of wireless internet network can offer networking for hot zone services along with multifold increase in spectrum efficiency.

What are the benefits of using 802.11ax WiFi Standard?

This smart technology seems to be quite smarter in allocating wireless spectrum, thereby juggling the data between several antennas and also reducing interference to a great extent. The best part of using this new WiFi standard is that the users do not have to switch over to higher frequencies and enjoy all its facilities. It even works on the same five GHz band that many wireless internet networks are already using.

In a nutshell, the objective for this new age WiFi standard is to cater to the requirements of the entrepreneurs as well as the tremendous growth of wireless internet sector. It addresses two emerging trends of the current times. One trend is the use of video as well as voice application has also increased the demand for maximum bandwidth. The next trend is the increasing use of individuals carrying multiple wireless devices in the coming years. In the true sense, this 802.11ax WiFi addresses the new business specifications in order to achieve the objective of high data rate as well as great link reliability through sophisticated architectural enhancement.

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