Tackle for a Beer, Hug for a Coke

Vending machines are machines which dispense items such as snacks, beverages, cigarettes, lottery tickets, consumer products and even gold and gems to customers automatically, after the customer inserts currency or credit into it. Today, I’m going to share two interesting YouTube videos regarding vending machines – the Rugbeer and the Coca-Cola Hug Me.

Tackle for a Beer

In Argentina, a beer maker has created a vending machine that will dispense a can of beer if drinkers perform a tackle on it – rugby style! The machine has a buit-in sensor that requires the consumers to tackle hard on the machine so that they will get their beer. Sorry ladies, you would have to do more than just inserting coins here. And guys, if you’re not strong enough to tackle the machine, just get your drinks at the bar counter 😛

According to reports, bars that use this vending machine apparently sold 25% more beer than before – a lot of rugby fans I supposed.

Watch the video below on the Rugbeer :

Hug for a Coke

A Coca-Cola vending machine installed at the National University of Singapore takes hug instead of money. Yes you heard me right. Who says money can buy everything?

coca-cola hug me vending machine

This vending machine cares more about love than money. It has a big Coke’s signature font of the word “Hug Me” written on its front, indicating to consumers to wrap their arms around it in order to get their free soda. Its sensors indicate when a hug’s been received, and then voila! Pick up your free Coke, baby!

Looks like this vending machine has feelings too 😛

According to a news release, the Coca-Cola “Hug Me” vending machine is the result of a marketing campaign cooked up in collaboration with advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather. The hope is that all this hugging will bring consumers closer to the Coca-Cola line of products.

Watch the video below on the Coca-Cola Hug Me :

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