Got A Call From The Bank? Is That Really The Bank Calling? Find Out!

It happens a lot of times that one gets a call asking for personal details and bank account information, and the person gives the details readily, as the caller claims to be from the bank one has his/her account in. However, is that call really made by a bank employee? What proof does one have of the fact that the call was made by the bank, and not by some fraud person trying to get a person’s details in order to manipulate their account information? Well, there are several ways to investigate the phone number from which one got the call, and get to know the truth.

unknown caller

Identifying Numbers

If calls are made from a bank, it will usually have the main bank number with the last few digits changed, which denotes the extension number allotted to a particular bank employee. So the easiest way to check and find out if the call one got was really from the bank or not, is to look at their bank number, and then match with the caller’s number. Banks and other financial institutions have a series of numbers allotted to them, so it’s easy to identify when someone is calling from the same office or branch.

Call Back

This is of course the most natural reaction. However, there are times when calling back does not help, as numbers declare an error of either not being in use, or not being existent, even when a call was made to the person just a minute back from the same number. In such cases, yes, there are chances of things being a little fishy. One can call up the main bank branch and crosscheck whether the number they got the call from is a bank official number or not.

IVR and Intercom Technique

If calls are made from a bank, then they can never be direct lines. This means that when a person calls back on the same number, they are either greeted with an IVR, or with a receptionist/ call manager, asking people to dial or give out the desired extension. That often gives proof of the fact, whether the number, and subsequently the call was official or not.

Smartphone Applications

There are certain applications available on Smartphones these days, which help one identify the true identity of the caller. These work on the simple notion that if the number in question is saved by any other smartphone user on his/ her device, then the identity of the caller will be available to all smartphone users. The technology behind this is a little deeper than this surface level explanation, but most users have found good results with these apps.

When Things Get Out Of Control

In cases where a particular caller has been annoying a person constantly, claiming that he/she is from the bank, the person has full right to complain to the bank, as well as to the police and find out what’s going wrong. This process may take a little while, but it’s the safest bet to avoid crime and danger of any sort.

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