How to Become More Internet Savvy

The internet has a profound impact on the lives of many people; it allows you to research just about any subject, interact with others thousands of miles away, succeed in the business world and even find the best shopping deals. If you are still having a hard time embracing technology you may want to try out these tips in order to become more net savvy.

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Use Google

There is nothing that you can’t learn to do by using Google. If there’s anything you want to know about anything, chances are that someone’s already written a tutorial about how exactly to do it.  Chances are that if it’s not on Google then it’s probably on Youtube with detailed step by step instructions from someone taping themselves at home.  People who aren’t using search engines are missing out on life. I’ve figured how to make tons of money, install my own hard drives and memory and even how to apply makeup, all from using the internet.

Post On Forums

Forums are fun and addicting. There are all sorts of forums out there such as ones dedicated to cars, relationships and even fashion. Believe it or not, you can actually learn a great deal by debating with others online. Not only do you learn more about the subject at hand but it actually helps you to become a better writer and how to think really quickly on your feet.

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Spend A Lot Of Time Online

Spending a lot of time online will obviously make you more knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the “net world”.  Curious as to what “a lot of time” really is? Well, it depends on your goals and your schedule. Personally I spend at least 15 hours online but I’m not the average person. I use the net for work purposes and also go online for recreational purposes after work and on the weekends.

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Shop Online

How did we ever shop before the internet? It’s so easy to compare, shop and find the best deals online. For example, if you wanted to find the lowest price on a Nissan Altima in the city of Irvine you could simply visit the websites of local dealers such as and check to see which one offers the lowest price. In addition, you would also be able to read reviews from consumers as well as automotive experts and enthusiasts on sites such as Edmunds.


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