Best Apps When Working In A Personal Office

apps for personal officeAs technology has advanced, so too has the idea of employees working remotely, instead of being restricted to completing all of their job commitments from their office desk.

This concept, which has been labelled conveniently as flexible working, means that staff members can now tick off tasks during their commute to and from work, or even do their job from the comfort of their own home.

However, here is a list of essential apps that everyone with a personal office – be that in their home, on a train or at the bus stop – should make sure they have downloaded:

Dragon Dictation

Typing at speed on a touchscreen device can be difficult, so employees who are finishing off tasks on the train or bus will be overjoyed when they get to grips with the Dragon Dictation app. This program takes the effort out of dictating any messages or long pieces of text that you have from a notepad to your portable device, with its highly accurate voice recognition technology assuring precise dictation every time. Use social media as part of your work? Well, you will be pleased to know that the latest edition of Dragon Dictation can also upload statuses that you speak onto your social network pages. (Download Dragon Dictation on iTunes and Google Play)

Salesforce Classic

As you can see by our list of available platforms, the Salesforce Classic app is available on the majority of smartphones on the market today. Once installed, you will have a fantastic portal in which to keep track of all of your leads and contacts while on the go, as well as amend or create accounts and set up brand-new events. In short, the Salesforce Classic program means you can spend less time at your desk creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet and get out into the open world to actually sell and market your product. (Download Salesforce Classic on iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry World)


Never worry about having to find a USB or, even more old school, a cable, to transfer files from one device to another again. With the Bump app, you can quickly transfer anything from photos, PowerPoint presentations and essays from one colleague to another. How is this possible? The clue is in the title of the program – you bump two devices that have the Bump app opened and then sit back and watch as your documents pass over, as if by magic. Just do the motion gently, as a piece of data is not going to be much use if it has to be read on a cracked or scratched screen. (Download Bump on iTunes and BlackBerry World)


Late for a meeting? Don’t panic, just open your GoToMeeting app on the bus, train or in your home office. This amazing app may just look like any other planner program on first sight, in that you can set up meetings and store them for convenience in your smartphone’s calendar. However, what enables GoToMeeting to stand out is that once a meeting begins, all you need to do is tap on the event and then you will take your place in the boardroom virtually. (Download GoToMeeting on iTunes and Google Play)

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