Choosing The Right Web Browser for Your PC

The internet is by far the most powerful piece of technology in the world and the most used so it is understandable that people are searching for the best user experience available.

Over the last few years, we have seen plenty of competition battling Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for the title of best web browser with Google Chrome and Firefox becoming increasingly popular especially among avid PC users who have grown increasingly disillusioned by  IE’s user experience.

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However Microsoft has since responded with Internet Explorer 9, the first browser since IE 2 to be released separately from a Windows operating system and this has now left a three way race between Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and IE 9 for the title of best web browser, but which one offers the best user experience?


Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has worked hard to banish the bug ridden sluggish predecessors of IE 9 and tried to create something that is fast and innovative.

Critics have praised IE 9 believing it is a vast improvement on older IEs and that it’s JavaScript engine has improved greatly and that little features such as inPrivate mode have set benchmarks for other browser’s to follow.

However Google Chrome 9 is still miles ahead with it’s JavaScript engine and although IE 9 is an improvement it couldn’t stop Chrome 9  is still a popular choice over IE 9 for a lot of users.

But Microsoft are constantly looking to improve after falling behind and you can expect big things when IE 10 which is launched in unison with Windows 8 this year!

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has grown in popularity over the years and in July 2012 approximately 24% of the world’s web users were using Firefox.

Known for it’s brilliant handling of HTML 5 and it’s fast speeds, Firefox is a very pro-active company and since Version 5 they have released a new improved version every 6 weeks.

Perhaps Mozilla doesn’t have some of the  innovative features IE 9 and Google Chrome has but what it lacks it makes up for in performance.

Google Chrome

Everywhere you look on the web Google are leading the pack from their search engine to their email service Gmail, it’s impossible to avoid the allure of Google.

Google’s web browser Chrome is no different with impeccable rendering speeds, the best for managing all your resources and approximately 32% of internet users opting for Chrome worldwide.

There are two reasons for Chrome’s dominance, firstly Google is the face of the internet and any web browser they release will be popular but probably the most significant reason is Chrome’s performance.

It’s fast, reliable, user friendly and is probably the most secure of all the browsers. It is also great for a manner of different people who use the internet for a host of different reasons and Chrome’s expanding app store is a good example of the variety of things available through this browser.

With everything on the internet there is so much choice out there, but for all around performance you cannot beat Google Chrome. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox have great features that make them excellent alternatives but Google Chrome stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Which is your preferred web browser for your PC and why? Let us know in the comments.


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