Internet Genesis: In the Beginning were Words

In the beginning were words. Words needed to be processed into messages fast and sent worldwide in the wink of an eye. Well, initially it took at least 5 to 10 eye winks and the messages were in the form of short radio signals.

So, this was the primitive stage of the history of the Internet, (or the humble beginnings of its precursors) and some sectors imagined this to date back as early as the 19th century. They believe that the telegraph started the Internet Genesis, and the first users saw that it was good.

Internet History and Growth

Some Internet historians today conclude that as long as transmission of data goes on between two different points or places through some sort of electromagnetic process, it passes as a form of “computer” technology. And when used for worldwide communication, it can pass as some humble beginnings of the Internet.

The history of the Internet continued and soon another precursor appeared in the scene: telex machines. As the story went, periods prior the time when the Internet began, operating principles of these earlier electrical devices were considered, providing a foundation for communication between remote terminals and a central processing unit. Through product research, innovation, development, and healthy free trade competition, the technology evolved.

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Welcome to the new World

internet 20 miles

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New and more powerful systems enabled prolonged communication and at long distances at that. Stronger interconnection coverage at higher speed became possible. This started the entry of computer mainframes into the scene. That’s paving the way for the Internet Genesis, which altogether covered a long time. To think that according to some experts, developments leading to this breakthrough began as early as the 1950s.

Gradually, data exchange became more feasible (like files exchange) even between computers separated by great distances (not just within buildings or areas). Some took this as the start of the Internet, if not its advanced form. However, even at this point, the technology still lacked the capacity for direct communication from one arbitrary system to another. A stronger link was needed.

Even today, needs continue to arise giving rise to new online developments. The more changes, the more things take on a different and advanced form than when the Internet began.

Then came packet switch networks developed between 1960 and 1970, with their respective protocols. That provided a great even in the history of the Internet. Next was the exciting development of protocols applicable for internetworking. This time, it became easily possible to join together (or “network”) multiple and separate computer networks, and even form such networks into whole new and bigger and more extensive networks.

New Dimension

Now, it can be truly said that the Internet Genesis had been given birth and in fact starting to operate wonderfully, introducing the whole new dimension of cyberspace. The history of the Internet was gaining momentum.

But man was not satisfied. The Internet Protocol Suite, also known as TCP or IP, was standardized in 1982. Consequently the Internet grew by leaps and bounds so that the world-wide network concept was working full swing. Everything was different now than when the Internet began.

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Joy of Use

Soon, other developments further enhanced Internet use, like the advance of Computer Science Network or CSNET and the introduction of supercomputer sites as an offshoot of the growth of US education organizations and research. Moreover, the commercial ISPs or Internet service providers in the 1990s further popularized the new online communication technology globally, opening up more countries to the Net.

Some Internet features today include instant messaging, online chat, electronic mail, voice over internet protocol, calls, video calls, blogs, forums, social networking, and even online shopping— all working at the speed of light and very different than when the Internet began. The Internet Genesis ushered in the age of information.

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