Candy Crush: Tips to Keep The Game from Crushing You

playing candy crush on iPadCandy Crush has taken the world by storm. After just trying this game once you can easily get addicted to it. Some people might feel this game is taking over the world, and they might be right, as Candy Crush has made huge profit, bringing in $850,000 each day!

Yes, Candy Crush is a free game, but yet many people who play find themselves spending money on the game to replenish their lives, or to buy boosters to help them beat a difficult level. However, it is not necessary to spend money on the game or purchase boosters to complete a level. Some levels do become very frustrating and you may find yourself stuck on one level for days, weeks, or perhaps even over a month.

Remember that practice makes perfect, so here are 10 tips to play better at Candy Crush and get past those levels that are making you crazy.

1) Play on Both Facebook and Your Mobile Phone

Sometimes it takes several tries to complete a level, meaning that you use up several lives in the process. When you burn through all of your lives on either your mobile phone or Facebook, switch over to the other to receive a fresh set of five lives, plus any additional lives your Facebook friends may have sent you. The Facebook version also offers several types of free boosters from time to time that are not available for free on the mobile phone version. By playing both, you can have more chances to complete a level.

2) Get Rid of Jellies, Frosting Squares, Licorice, and Locked Candies Quickly

Some levels have an extra degree of difficulty thanks to frosting, jelly, and licorice. It is important to try to clear out these blocked squares as soon as possible. Squares that are locked also need to be cleared in order to clear that piece of candy. On levels where it is asked that you clear all jellies, be mindful that some candies take two times to fully clear the jelly. Watch out for those sneaky jellies in the corners because when you think you have them all you realize you’ve failed the level because of that one sneaky piece.

3) Chocolate is Not Your Friend!

Most people love chocolate, however, in Candy Crush, it is your worst enemy (or one of them)! Get rid of this stuff as soon as you possibly can. Chocolate will multiply and keep multiplying with every move you make if you do not clear it all out. It can eventually take over your whole board and cause you to fail the level.

4) Don’t Always Follow The Suggested Moves

If you’ve sat there for awhile staring at your board contemplating your next move, the game realizes you’ve been inactive. To “help” you out, the game will suggest a move for you. These moves are randomly chosen by the game and may not always be the best move for you so always look around for other options that may help you out more.

5) Play With Candy Combinations

Combining certain types of candies will get you some pretty cool results. When you clear four of one color in a row, you get a striped candy. When you have five of the same color, together but not in a row, you get a wrapped candy piece. When you get five of one color in a row, you get the color bomb candy. By combining a striped piece and a wrapped piece, you will get a huge piece of candy that swipes across the board, giving you a lot of points in the process. By combining a striped piece with a color bomb, you will create more striped pieces of the same color that shoot around the board accumulating a lot of points. Combining two color bombs will also result in racking up massive points.

6) Use Vertical Moves to Bring Ingredients to The Bottom

Some of the levels that require the player to bring ingredients to the bottom are harder than they look. Sometimes you’ll get the piece all the way to the bottom but it won’t fall out. Usually by getting a striped candy involved in a three in a row will make the nut or cherry exit the game board. Some levels even require bringing the ingredients down and into another row to exit the board, but the same playing techniques usually apply. Concentrate on creating combinations that will cause the vertical row the ingredient are in to shoot downward and remove it.

7) Look for Moves That Will Get You More Than One Play

Try to make the most of every move on the game board by using strategies that will allow one move to clear two or more rows of three or more candies. Try to predict how the candies may fall after a particular move, and sometimes you can clear more than one set with only one move.

8) Watch Out for The Time Bombs

When you reach the 90’s levels, you will encounter time bombs for the first time. Be sure to clear the one that is always hanging out in the upper right hand corner by bringing it down into the playing area. This can be done by making a three in a row match close to the upper right side of the board, causing the corner time bomb to enter the main playing area. Time bombs will be scattered around the board, so keep track of how many moves you have left before they explode. Try to rid the board of them before you reach zero, or else your level is done and you’ve failed it, regardless of how many moves you still had left. On time bomb levels where a minimum number of points are required, try to get color bombs combined with time bombs to really earn a large number of points.

9) Don’t Spend Money on Extra Lives or Boosters

One aspect of being able to enjoy the game and keep it free is to refrain from purchasing the extra moves, lives, or boosters that are offered. Once you start purchasing items, it may become hard to stop and then you’ll end up spending money on something that was supposed to be free. Take advantage of the option of asking your friends for extra lives or tickets to unlock the next episode. Most are happy to oblige and you can return the favor to them when they request it. If bugging your friends is not your style, you can refer to this article on how to get unlimited free lives in Candy Crush Saga… for free!

10) Use Your Bonus Moves on Tough Levels

Sometimes you will find a nice little set of extra moves that your Facebook friends sent you. You can add these to a current level to give yourself three extra moves, which are sometimes all you need to complete the level. Be careful to only use one set of extra moves at a time, because if you happen to beat the level on the first set of extra moves, if you “accepted” two sets on that level, the extras would be wasted and just left sitting there on the level you just completed.


Candy Crush is a fun game that is highly addictive, so take care to enjoy it without going overboard. If you find you’re taking too much time away from family and friends by playing the game, or that you’re spending money like crazy on the game, you may wish to take a break. Also,if you find yourself becoming extremely frustrated with the game, it may be a good idea to take some time off from it. After taking a little time off from the game you will have a fresh perspective and your frustration with a hard to beat level will have subsided a little so that the game is fun again.

Do you play Candy Crush Saga? Which level are you now? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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