Mastering League of Legends- It’s Easier Than You Think!

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you would probably be a League of Legends fan as well. The team-based gameplay is challenging yet exciting. However, it may take a long time to master the skills and reach the Challenger title. While climbing ranks in LOL can take a great deal of effort and skill, there are ways to master the game easily. The luck factor plays a vital role when it comes to finding great teammates, but there are some tricks you can rely on to get better with the game. Here are the ones you can try.

playing league of legends

Watch, learn and practice

Like any other computer game, the principle of the watch, learn, and practice holds true if you want to excel with League of Legends. As a starter, you can watch good players and streamers and focus on the strategies they adopt in different situations. Once you understand their gameplay, you will be able to pick the best and embrace it in your gameplay as well. Apart from watching and learning, putting the tactics into practice takes you a step ahead and you learn to make quick decisions and reactions independently. 

Pick a few Champions and master them

While you may consider playing different champions, picking a few of them and mastering them is the better thing to do. The more you concentrate on one or a few champions, the easier it gets to control them naturally. Eventually, you will be able to react instinctively as you win lanes, fights, and games. However, playing only one champion gets risky as it may get banned at any point in time. In addition, your opponents may wisen up to your play strategy and use an irelia counter to gain advantage over you. Mastering at least three is a good move so that you have at least a few options if your favorite gets banned or countered.

Play with multiple accounts

While newbies have their own set of challenges with LOL, even veterans can get in a fix with a ranked burnout. If you are one of the seasoned players, you may sometimes simply want to play for fun without worrying about your ranking. You can easily explore the idea by getting lol smurf accounts and use them as a beginner rather than risk losing ranking on your main account. In fact, high-ranked and professional players often use smurfing with multiple accounts that let them practice the levels they have already cleared.

Take a break

Although it may sound surprising, experts recommend taking a break once a while if you want to get better with the game. LOL can get stressful at times and it is wise to give rest to your body and mind so that you can start again with renewed energy and enthusiasm. You wouldn’t want to end up ruining your game unconsciously by playing badly or even giving up. Don’t stress too much and give yourself a break if you feel like getting one!

The final tip to master LOL is not to give up, even if you fail because failure is a normal part of gaming. Success is all about learning from your mistakes and getting started again with the lessons you learn over time.

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