What is Cloud Computing: Cloud Computing 101

What is cloud computing? It is a resource of hardware and software services that are delivered over the Internet. The name comes from the diagram used to describe the functions and interactions of all the components involved. There are dozens of different types of cloud computing including: Infrastructure as a service, Software as a service and security as a service.

For business using the cloud computing model, they will usually allow a user access to software which is installed on their computer to access the database.


The history of cloud computing is a little cloudy (no pun intended), but was used by the first computer analysts as a way to denote certain mainframes and operational systems used within the context of the internet. Cloud computing has many benefits for the user and comes with a host of characteristics that can improved. It can become more agile as the users learns to re-provision certain infrastructures. It has the advantage of device to location independence meaning users can access the Internet from anywhere they are located. In the past users where confined to their location in order to access certain web browsing systems.

Why it is Useful

Cloud computing is useful for anyone who may use several different platforms for work. Anyone who may want to work on the go and are in different locations, or a company that has offices in several locations with sales people out on the road, or a writer can start work at the desktop computer at home, and finish on a laptop at the local coffee shop without ever having to save anything to a flash drive.

It’s also great for working in groups. If you and your team are separated, all you have to do is log onto your cloud software and you all can update one another instantly through it. This will allow you all to work without sending e-mails back and forth, or even being on the telephone while trying to do the work. Using a cloud system for a company can be very simple but if you’re not the most IT savvy then you can hire an IT company the likes of TSG to aid in your support. You can find an IT company in your local area by searching on Google.

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Other Characteristics and Advantages of Cloud Computing

The reliability of cloud computing is increased if used with similar sites redundantly. Also as the reliability of the computing increase so does the performance of it. With the increase of performance will be monitored by the constant usage of it. Security can be improved by displacing the information over a wide area of devices. Maintenance can be increased if placed on more than one user’s computer and from different areas.

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Cloud computing is a diagram of all the interactions of different components of the computer network and internet. Different systems can be used to promote, protect and increase the productivity of the infrastructures.

Here’s a video on: What is Cloud Computing?

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