How to Enjoy Computer Games More Cheaply

Gaming is becoming more and more of a mainstream hobby and more and more something that is acceptable for adults and families. While gaming is a great and immersive form of entertainment though, it is also unfortunately a rather expensive hobby and with consoles selling for a few hundred dollars at a time and computer games often costing $50 or more, it’s a much more expensive way to enjoy yourself than watching TV is or listening to music.

If you want to enjoy playing the latest games then without spending a small fortune, you need to be a bit strategic. Here are some ways that you can enjoy gaming more cost effectively.

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Very few of us will ever finish every computer game we ever play and just like your book shelf your games shelf is probably made up at least 50% of games you haven’t finished. As such then it was probably really rather a waste of money to buy those games when you could have just rented them from a games rental store and played them for a couple of days.


Likewise you can also borrow games from friends or swap. This will work particularly well if you do it in a strategic manner – for instance one of you buys one new game, and the other one of you buys the other. Then when you’ve both completed the games you swap and try the other ones – and you can agree on who keeps each one.

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You can also trade your games in with the games stores and most will give you a lot of money off your next purchase depending on what you’re trading in. Even if you don’t trade games every time, you can still probably get a lot of money off of your next purchases if you take in a few games that have been collecting dust on your shelves lately to get money off next time you buy.


As with new DVDs, one of the best ways to enjoy a game more cheaply is to just wait for a bit before you buy. If there’s a new game out that you want, just wait a few weeks and you should find that the cost gets significantly slashed and you save a lot of money as a result.

And if you can’t wait? Then a great solution is to just rent the game for a bit to see if you like it and so you can experience it right away, and to then buy the game only once you know you’re a fan and once it’s come down in price to provide a good deal.

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OnLive is an interesting service that aims to change the way we enjoy games. The idea here is that you don’t actually download the games, but rather just stream them from a server that handles the processing. This means that an old PC can play games that are designed to run on top of the range devices, but it also means you can save a significant amount of money particularly by using the rental feature that gives you the game to play for three days or ten days for a very reasonable price.

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And if you don’t want to stream the games then you can still use a service like Steam to download them at a fraction of the cost it would have been to buy them. Of course it’s cheaper here because the overheads are that much lower for the publishers.

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