6 Essential Macbook Tricks And Tips

There are so many wonderful things that you can do with a Macbook, whether you’re a new Mac user or already a pro, there’s always plenty to learn. To make the most of your Mac today, remember these six essential tricks and tips.

1. Create a Dock App

It’s simple to add a favorite website to the dock, all you have to do is drag the URL bar and place the bar at the bottom of the dock (where you’ll find the recently used apps). Once you’ve added a website to the dock, you can access that site faster and more conveniently.

2. Currency Conversions Using Spotlight

Spotlight can be used to convert currency, and as a calculator. You can access Spotlight by opening the icon of a magnifying glass. To convert currency on a Macbook, you need to type in the amount along with the correct currency symbol. You’ll find that the search results display the conversion rates, taking data from Yahoo.

3. Split View For Apps

With the split view function, Mac users can open two apps and use them side by side, with no resizing required. For Mac OS Catalina, you need to hover your mouse over the full-screen button (the green icon on the upper left side). Next, you need to select ‘Tile Window’, you can choose left or right depending on where you would like the window positioned. If you’re using older versions of MacOS you can select and hold the full-screen button, then move the window to the left or right. Users need to use OS X El Capitan or a later system to access Split View.

4. Restricted Searches

When you search using the Finder window, the search is performed for the whole computer system. To find what you are looking for faster, you can change the settings using Finder Preferences. First, you can open up Finder Preference, select ‘Advanced’ and find the section which reads ‘when performing a search’. On the drop-down menu, choose ‘search current folder’. With so many options to boost productivity, there are plenty of reasons to switch to Mac.

5. Take Screenshots In JPG Format

By default, your Mac takes screenshots using a PNG format, and this format takes up more space. To take screenshots in JPG, you can open up the Terminal and input the code ‘defaults write com.apple.screencapture type jpg’. To switch back, use the same code but swap ‘jnp’ for ‘png’.

6. Remote View

Perhaps you’re helping a relative or a friend with their Macbook? If so, you can use the remote view setting to view or control their screen. First, you’ll need to open up ‘screen sharing’, you’ll find this in Spotlight. Next, you’ll need to type in the Apple ID of the user you’re looking to connect with. The user will also need to have ‘screen sharing’ enabled in System Preferences.

These are merely a few of the things you can do with a Macbook; there are plenty more tricks to learn. It’s always wise to get your Mac insured. Whether it’s laptop screen repairs or virus removal, insurance could protect you if your machine becomes damaged.

[Image via: pexels]