Essential Tech for New Startups

Launching a new startup should be an exciting time in your life. For years, you may have been dreaming about following your passion and turning what you love into a money making venture. You have finally been able to wave goodbye to your employed job, your poor promotion prospects and your overbearing boss to embark on your startup journey.  Now that you have the opportunity to be the master of your own professional destiny, you want to get it right. While you know that you have a sound idea, you need to implement it correctly. Your chosen industry will already have some well established rivals that you need to compete with. While you can ensure that your funding is in place, your product is exceptional, your online visibility is solid and your digital marketing strategy is in place, think about the technology that your startup is going to be utilizing.

Technology is key to any business being able to thrive. There are reasons why larger successful companies are fairly guarded about the tech and software that they use. If you are to make your mark in your chosen industry sector, you can choose technology that will enhance your ability to be a success and be a profitable money making venture.

Image credit Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Mobile Device Management Software (MDM)

In the twenty first century, the way we work has developed to encompass a more flexible approach to business. Employers are now willing to allow their staff work from home and work flexible hours. As long as the work gets done and to the highest of standards, why should it matter where your employee is sat at their laptop? MDM allows you to have visibility of all the devices in your company. You can monitor your laptops, where they are and how they are being used.

MDM enables you to configure all of your devices from a central interface. You can simplify the management headache with Electric, an MDM platform that will allow you to deploy applications and keep your devices secure. If your employees like working remotely from their favorite coffee shop, and their device gets stolen, you can wipe it immediately, preventing your sensitive information and confidential files slipping into the wrong hands. As a new entrepreneur who is taking on staff and will have a fleet of devices, MDM is a crucial piece of technology that you need to employ to ensure greater productivity and efficiency within your business.

MS Office

While there are a ridiculous amount of free open source software equivalents online to download, MS Office Suite is still the go to system for all of your word processing and spreadsheet needs. While Google has tried to get in on the action with the online docs program that is free to use, Microsoft has a monopoly on the integration aspect of their interfaces. You can merge calendars, email and documents so that they are all in one place on one system and server. This enables seamless connectivity and integration that empowers you to have visibility of all devices and staff members.

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Website Builders

While a little simplistic in nature, website builders can be crucial for those entrepreneurs who don’t want to fork out for expert web developers to create a bespoke website. Drag and drop website builders like Wix and SquareSpace have become more advanced and less Geocities like in nature. The concept of drag and drop is intuitiveness and simplicity so that even those who have little affinity with a laptop or design can create something that looks beautiful and exploits a brand in an effective way.

Ensure that you investigate the sorts of packages that you could sign up to. The more you spend, the better the features you can enjoy. You could have unlimited bandwidth, a free suite of email addresses, money towards an AdWords campaign and 24/7 support. Once your website is up and running, AdWords is vital to help get your branding visible and relevant. Purchasing keywords, coupled with sound SEO implementation within your content, will help your site appear higher up the Google rankings will enable your business to leapfrog your already well established industry rivals.

Technology for business is a vast sector in itself. There will be plenty of charlatans out there trying to flog you inferior software packages. Stick to the well established names and go for tech that will help you manage devices, boost productivity and keep your business efficient. Follow this guide and you can have some great tech for your startup.