Festo introduces The ExoHand

Tools have many useful purposes and help to make life easier. For example, a pair of pliers increases the strength of a hand in order to turn something. Other tools, such as a wheelchair, help disabled people maintain mobility. With each advancement, technology helps to create tools that are more complex and able to accomplish increasingly sophisticated tasks. The ExoHand by the Festo Corporation is one such example.

the ExoHand

What is The ExoHand?

The ExoHand is worn like a glove and registers the precise movements of the arm, hand and fingers. Each movement is instantly transferred to a robotic hand, allowing the fingers to be opened or closed and wrist motion to be imitated. The goal of this device is to provide extra mobility as well as increased hand strength and endurance. There are many potential applications for this type of technology.

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Gives your arms a boost

In an industrial setting, the ExoHand can help in assembly lines where repeated movement can quickly fatigue human hands. It can be used to increase the hand’s strength when assembling various items. The ExoHand can also be applied to tasks requiring movement of hazardous materials. And law enforcement officers might use robots equipped with the ExoHand in order to move suspicious items from a safe distance.

In medical settings, the ExoHand can be used for rehabilitation therapy. The hand would be especially useful with helping recovering stroke patients to regain eye-hand coordination and overall hand movement. Because the ExoHand supports the hand from the outside, it also makes an excellent tool for elderly patients. The tool would allow individuals to maintain a degree of autonomy, even though they may have less hand strength because of their age. The ExoHand would augment their hand strength.

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Future of Automation

The ExoHand features a forced feedback system which allows the user to actually feel the forms and resistance of the things he or she is manipulating. The user no longer needs to rely solely on visual feedback.

The Festo ExoHand represents an exciting new technology with many useful applications. The technology offers a giant leap forward in human-machine interaction.

Watch video below on The ExoHand


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