FIFA 15 vs. Real Life: What You Need to Know [Infographic]

Lots of gamers are playing FIFA 15 at the moment, and we wanted to work out how it compared to real life. Are the players of the same ability level? Are the rankings correct? The infographic below shows the entirety of our findings, but we’re going to list some of the most interesting comparisons right now. At the end of the day, we know that FIFA 15 is just a game. However, we think it should be easy for the designers to get things right and make it as accurate as possible. Did they do that? Let’s find out.

The rankings of players are nowhere near accurate when playing FIFA 15. For instance, defender Gerard Pique is rated on FIFA as 86. In real life, he receives a rating of 5.

The best defender in the world at the moment is Giorgio Chiellini. However, FIFA 15 says it’s T. Silva.

When it came to passing, FIFA 15 was far more accurate. The game says that Xavi is the best at doing that, and so does the real world. So, it’s not all bad.

The best finisher on FIFA 15 was Ronaldo, but in real life it is Diego Costa.

As you can see, the game is a long way from being true to life. However, it’s a fun way to spend your evenings. If you want to find out a little more about how the game compares to real life. Check out the infographic. It contains lots of interesting comparisons alongside other information you might find useful.

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