Looking for a Scientific Calculator? Just Google it!

Google has just added a cool and useful 34-button virtual scientific calculator to its search engine. This value added feature has a calculator appears after you’ve entered a math equation be it simple or complex calculations.

Enter any math equations in the search box and press ENTER on your keyboard. We used to get the answers in bold above our actual search results but not anymore. Instead, Google is now giving you the answers on a virtual calculator.

Google scientific calculator

Google’s new 34-button virtual scientific calculator

Beside the standard buttons, this calculator has the scientific function buttons such as standard trigonometric functions, exponents and buttons for the transcendental numbers, pi and e.

For those don’t like to use the buttons, try solving your math calculations via voice command. The voice interface could even recognize phrases such as “sine of 50 degrees” and “how much is tangent of 50 degrees”.

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Another way to toggle the web-based calculator is to search for the word “calculator”.

This calculator works on mobile too, on both Android and iOS. But the scientific function buttons are not visible in the potrait mode. Users will have to rotate their devices to landscape mode in order to bring up the full calculator.

So forget about using excel sheet or looking for the Windows calculator. The Google’s virtual scientific calculator will come in handy for those who want to solve multiple mathematical equations without needing to navigate away from the first page of Google’s search results.

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Give it a try and tell us in the comments if you will be using it.


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