Handy Car Accident Apps

Going through the ordeal of a car accident can create a sense of panic for the parties who are involved. The sudden jolt of the accident can also make it difficult to think rationally and can hinder your ability to take the necessary steps to try to resolve the situation, such as getting in touch with your insurance company or, in more severe crashes, someone like this car accident lawyer in Denver to help you recover compensation for any injuries sustained. Fortunately, there are numerous apps available to assist people in dealing with the events of a car accident.

Handy Car Accident Apps

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Pocket First Aid & CPR

This Jive Media app features up-to-date first aid and CPR information for users. Lifesaving procedures can easily be accessed and are thoroughly detailed so that users can understand the techniques to help others who may have been seriously injured in the crash. The information for doctors and other emergency contacts can also be stored. The app even lets users customize the wallpaper with their own medical information.

Help I Crashed My Car

People who are involved in a car accident can turn to this app, which was designed by Summit Mobile Solutions, Inc., to contact up to three family members. The app allows users to store auto insurance information such as agent contacts and the specifics of an insurance policy. Users can even utilize the app to contact emergency services, towing companies and preferred auto body shops. Accident reports can also be taken and directly sent to insurance companies for evaluation.

C.A.R. (Car Accident Report)

This Inventive Touch app is particularly useful for taking down information from the other parties who may have been involved in the accident and any other witnesses. The app also allows users to take down vehicle information and the specifics of the accident location. A camera feature and voice recorder are included to capture even more accurate and detailed information. The app even comes with a drawing pad for users who wish to sketch out any pertinent information.


Users of this Vurgood Applications app can enjoy the features found on other similar apps. One unique feature of this app is that it asks users a series of questions in logical order, such as the accident location and the other party’s license plate number, in order to help them stay focused while getting all of the necessary details. Accident information can then be saved in a PDF format and sent directly to insurance companies and auto body shops.


Users of this Android app can have extra security in knowing that they will get the help they need in a worse case situation. As soon as a car gets into an accident, an alarm on the user’s phone will go off and send a message to a predetermined emergency contact if the alarm is not turned off within 60 seconds. Location information is transmitted to the emergency contact along with GPS coordinates for faster tracking.

Getting into a car accident can definitely become a chaotic situation. These helpful apps can help keep parties involved more organized and calm. Using these apps can help save lives and capture the most important details of any car accident scene.

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