How Will Cloud Hosting Help The Economy

Recently, there were surprising results gathered from a study that surveyed more than 600 decision makers in the fields of IT and business on the projected effects of involving cloud hosting/computing with their businesses. Surprisingly, 68% of participants said that they were confident that cloud computing and hosting would work positively in their favor, financially speaking. Some of the respondents estimated anywhere from 15% in annual savings all the way up to more than 40%. It’s obvious many IT and business professionals are confident that cloud computing could have its advantages in the struggling economy over the next few years, but how would cloud computing and hosting cut costs, and how would it create jobs?

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Resource Industry Growth

Susan Hauser, Microsoft’s vice president of the WEPG (World Enterprise and Partner Group) estimated that cloud hosting and computing would have excellent effects on job creation thanks to its low-cost and innovative nature. There is high speculation that cloud computing could actually threaten the jobs of many, but this is simply not the case. The most rapid employment growth will be seen by small to medium-sized businesses rather than large corporations due to the legacy investments that larger enterprises might be currently tied to. Many of the fields that can expect to see massive growth include resource industries, communications and media, education, discrete manufacturing, and many more.

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It is not only speculated that cloud hosting and computing will open up over a million jobs in the workforce over the next few years, but it’s also projected that many IT managers will have their duties freed up to work on more important tasks related to their companies, rather than dealing with day-to-day, minor issues involved in non-cloud environments. In one way, this could seem as if the cloud could have the potential to kill off jobs and actually hurt the economy even further, but it will actually be wonderful for allowing enterprise-level users to tend more to significant missions and work more on propelling their companies forward.

Companies Can Spend More Time Investing In Themselves

If you’re wondering just how the cloud could propel a company forward to specifically create more jobs, take this scenario into account. Imagine if there were a businessperson that wanted to grow their sales using the cloud. The businessperson could use the SaaS (software as a service) solution to broaden their strategy and increase revenue earned. More revenue for a company means growth, and this certainly translates into job growth within a company. Miraculously, this is just one of the ways that a business could see a return on their investment of moving into the cloud.

Of course, only time will tell what will happen with cloud-based jobs and how they’ll expand. However, there should be little to no worry that cloud hosting and computing will be detrimental to the employment outlook in the IT field. If anything, cloud hosting will create more jobs, strategies, and more opportunities for advancement in technology. Expect to see an increase in employment in IT fields over the next few years and through 2015.

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