How to Choose a Domain Name

domain nameStarting your own website can be a creative outlet, a way to socialize, or even a money maker for your business. When you decide you want to start your own website you will need to find a cheap domain. There are several things that go into choosing a domain name; it is not as easy as just putting in your name or the name of your business sometimes.

Choosing Domain Name

The first step of choosing a domain name is finding the perfect keywords. Try to find up to 4 phrases or terms that describe your website. When you have your terms together you can start working on making a unique domain name. Making your domain name unique doesn’t mean it has to be confusing. Also, you will not want to choose a website name that is close to super popular websites. Making it short and easy to spell will make things easier on your website visitors. If your domain name is super long and oddly spelled you will lose a lot of your website’s traffic.

People usually give up after typing the wrong website in a few times. Your domain name should be easy to remember so people can tell it to others easily. The best marketing is the word of mouth marketing, by making your domain name easy to remember more people will tell it to their friends and family. Keeping your domain name short will allow you to fit it easily on your business cards and other offline marketing tools. Make sure your business can be easily identified by your domain name.

Do not make it complicated by making up words or using words that have nothing to do with the business you are in. Do not use numbers or hyphens that will make it more difficult to find your domain. After you have chosen a domain name make sure you research it before you buy it. You will not want to infringe on anyone’s copyright. One important thing to remember is that if you already have an existing business and you want to start a website for that business your domain name should be your business name. If people are looking for your business on the internet the first thing they will do is type in your business name, if you have chosen some off the wall name and not your business name you may lose that traffic to your website.

Domains, websites, and web hosting can all be very complicated. When you are starting a website for your business you will want to make it easy to find and remember. So when you are thinking of a name keep it short and simple. Keeping it short and simple will benefit you online and offline with your marketing.

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