How to Choose The Right Gaming Eyewear

Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or an average computer user, staying glued to the screen for extended periods can take a toll on your eyes. You may experience eyestrain or blurred vision from time to time. It’s also common to develop red eyes, headaches and eye irritation, among other symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Using appropriate computer eyeglasses can provide the needed reprieve. The glasses reduce glare, which is often the main cause of eyestrain, and create more contrast. Gaming glasses also make objects appear larger, making it easier to keep your eyes on the screen for longer. Not all gaming glasses are created equal though. Here is what to look for to identify the right eyewear.

how to choose the right gaming eyewear - this photo shows a pair of glasses on a laptop.

1. Anti-reflective lens coating

The lenses on gaming glasses typically include an anti-glare treatment, a special kind of coating that reduces eye strain by eliminating light reflections from both surfaces of the lens. These anti-reflective coatings, which are different in intensity, reduce the glare that is associated with regular glasses and computer screens. The amount of coating on your glasses depend on the condition of your eyes. Therefore, it is important to get a prescription from your eye doctor before purchase.

2. Color tints

Normally gaming glasses have tinted lenses to cancel the effect that the blue light from computer monitors have on your eyes. While yellow is the common color associated with gaming eyeglasses, it’s not the only color tint available. Your doctor may recommend a lighter or stronger tint depending on the condition of your eyes to further reduce glare that comes from harsh overhead lighting and to increase contrast on the computer or TV screen. This helps your eye muscles achieve maximum relaxation while gaming, watching TV or using computer for other purposes.

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3. Fit

One of the problems associated with extended use of computers is drying of eyes. Computer glasses can solve the problem, but only if they’re close-fitting enough to prevent air from drying your eyes out. It is important therefore to ensure that the gaming glasses you’re buying will fit closely enough to not only prevent glare and harsh lighting but also keep your eyes from drying and becoming sore.

4. Prices

There are numerous models of computer glasses available at different prices in the market. Once you have found a combination of all three features in a pair of computer eyewear, the price can take a little compromise. Your choice of gaming glasses does not necessarily have to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. Nonprescription gaming glasses can cost anywhere below $100, for instance, Gunnar glasses trade for $79, with the price being able to drop down to $30 during large sales.

Final Thoughts

Today’s jobs and lifestyle make it nearly unavoidable to stay on a computer screen for a long time. While you may be tempted to use any eyeglasses to reduce the effect that computer screens have on your eyes, not all glasses will render the benefits you seek. It is best to ensure you buy the glasses designed specifically for computer use to protect your eyes and prolong your eyesight.

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