Weapon Guide: Understanding and Mastering Guns in Valorant

Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter game that has taken the gaming world by storm. With its unique blend of abilities and guns, it has become a popular game among players who want to engage in fast-paced, high-intensity battles. One of the most important aspects of Valorant is mastering the use of guns.

To help players understand and master the guns in Valorant, this article will provide a comprehensive guide on the different types of guns available in the game, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them effectively. From the classic pistols to the powerful rifles, each gun has its own unique characteristics that players need to understand to succeed in the game.

Valorant Weapon Guide - This image shows a screenshot from the game of Valorant.

Understanding Valorant’s Weapon System

Valorant’s weapon system is a crucial element of the game that every player must master. In this section, we’ll explore the primary and sidearm weapons available in the game, the different types of ammo, and how to manage your money and credits to purchase the right weapons at the right time.

Primary Weapons

Primary weapons are the backbone of your arsenal in Valorant. These weapons are divided into four categories: rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, and heavy weapons. Each category has unique attributes, and it’s up to the player to choose the right weapon for the situation.

Rifles are the most versatile weapons in the game, with a good balance of accuracy, range, and damage. Submachine guns are ideal for close-quarters combat, while shotguns excel in tight spaces. Heavy weapons are the most powerful weapons in the game, but they come with a high price tag and slow movement speed.


Sidearms are secondary weapons that can be used when your primary weapon runs out of ammo or when you need to switch to a more suitable weapon for a specific situation.

The sidearm options in Valorant include pistols, revolvers, and machine pistols. While generally less powerful than primary weapons, these sidearms can still be deadly in the right hands.

Below, we have compiled all the weapons in table formats for easy viewing:

Valorant Weapons: Sidearms

ClassicFree spawn sidearm with two fire modes; 12 bullets in the magazine. Primary fire for most situations, burst fire for close quarters.
ShortyShort-range secondary weapon costing 300 credits; effective for close encounters.
FrenzyAuto-fire sidearm suitable for quick kills in short-range fights. High fire rate; quick reload needed.
GhostCommon pistol for pistol rounds; ideal for one-shot headshots against unshielded opponents.
SheriffPrecision sidearm with 6 bullets; rewards headshots within 30 meters. Powerful even in long-range with 145 damage.

Valorant Weapons: SMGs

StingerHigher fire rate SMG with 20 bullets; effective in close combat but may require frequent reloading.
SpectreMobile SMG with good positioning can defy Phantoms and Vandals; high mobility and manageable spread.

Valorant Weapons: Shotguns

BuckySemi-automatic shotgun with two fire modes; affordable choice for short-range encounters, especially in tight corners.
JudgeAutomatic shotgun with high cost; powerful and can pierce through enemies in short range.

Valorant Weapons: Rifles

BulldogAffordable rifle with automatic and burst fire modes; effective in short to medium range; requires two headshots.
GuardianSemi-automatic rifle with high wall penetration and damage; deadly with accurate shots; lower fire rate.
PhantomPopular rifle with more bullets than Vandal; excellent for spraying through smoke; easier recoil pattern.
VandalMost-used rifle; single headshot kill from any range; lower bullet count, harder recoil than Phantom.

Valorant Weapons: Sniper Rifle

MarshalCheapest sniper with high fire rate; 101 body, 202 head damage; effective against ecos and rifles; good for Jett or Chamber.
OperatorHeavy, expensive sniper; one-shot kill to the body; high scope-in time and low fire rate; best for Agents like Jett and Chamber.

Valorant Weapons: Machine Guns

AresWeakest and cheapest machine gun; high wall penetration; suitable for shooting through walls.
OdinHeavy machine gun with 100 bullets; high wall penetration; effective for spamming areas and shooting through walls.
Valorant Weapon Guide - This image displays all the available weapon types in Valorant.
Valorant Weapon Guide

Ammo and Money

Ammo is an essential resource in Valorant, and players must manage it carefully. Each primary weapon has a limited amount of ammo, and players must buy more ammo during buy rounds or pick it up from fallen enemies.

Money and credits are also critical resources in Valorant. Players earn credits by winning rounds, planting or defusing the spike, and killing enemies. These credits can be used to buy weapons, armor, and abilities during buy rounds. Players must manage their credits carefully to ensure they have enough to buy the weapons they need.


Skins are cosmetic items that players can apply to customize their weapons in Valorant. These skins do not affect gameplay but can make your weapons look unique and stylish. Skins can be purchased with real money or earned through in-game rewards.

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Mastering the Basics

To excel in Valorant’s gunplay, players must start with mastering the basics. This includes grasping FPS mechanics, honing aiming skills, and using various guns effectively.

Understanding FPS mechanics, such as movement speed, recoil, and weapon accuracy, is fundamental. Familiarity with maps, game modes, and each character’s unique abilities is essential.

In gameplay, prioritize aim development through in-game practice and aim training. Improve movement, positioning, and communication with your team.

Regarding firearms, know the game’s weapon types, from pistols and shotguns to assault rifles and snipers. Understand each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them in different situations.

Mastering these basics is vital for enhancing gunplay in Valorant. By focusing on FPS mechanics, aiming, gameplay, and weapon usage, players can build the skills and experience needed for success in matches.

Valorant Weapon Guide - This image shows another screenplay of the game Valorant.

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Abilities and Weapon Combinations

Mastering abilities and weapon combos is crucial in Valorant. Each agent has unique abilities that can be paired with weapons for an advantage.

For example, Sage’s Slow Orb slows enemies, making it easier to shoot them with rifles or snipers. Jett’s Updraft ability helps gain height for shotgun surprises.

Select combinations based on the strengths of both the agent and the weapon.

Sage’s defensive abilities pair well with high-damage weapons like snipers or assault rifles. Jett’s agility suits fast-firing weapons like SMGs or pistols.

Also, consider weapon traits; Vandal delivers high damage but has recoil, while Phantom has less recoil but lower damage.

Pick a weapon that matches your style and suits various situations.

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Advanced Weapon Tactics

To truly master Valorant’s guns, players must delve into advanced tactics. These require skill, knowledge, and strategy. Key tactics include:

Recoil Control: Mastering recoil is vital for precision. Understanding spray patterns and adjusting aim increases accuracy.

Burst Firing: Firing in bursts conserves ammo and helps maintain control over weapons, enhancing accuracy.

Spamming: Rapid fire can suppress enemies or break obstacles, but it’s important to avoid wastefulness and vulnerability.

Smoke: Skilled use of smoke grenades can disrupt enemy vision and create opportunities for surprise attacks.

Tactical Knife: The tactical knife serves for melee attacks and utility but is effective only at close range.

Shields: Shields offer protection but slow down players and make headshots easier to land. They also come at a cost.

Overall, mastering advanced weapon tactics requires a combination of skill, knowledge, and strategy. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon and practicing techniques such as recoil control and burst firing, players can gain an edge over their opponents and dominate the battlefield. And remember, while there may be some valorant hacks out there, true mastery of the game comes from hard work and dedication.

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Valorant Weapon Guide: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Valorant’s weapon system is vital for success. This article has explored the fundamentals, advanced tactics, and agent abilities. By mastering FPS mechanics, precise aiming, and efficient weapon usage, players can excel. It is crucial to synergize abilities and weapons. With practice, players can become formidable forces in Valorant, mastering the game’s complexity for victory and glory in this tactical arena. Good luck, agents!

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