How to Prevent Cell Phone Hacking

Cell phone hacking sounds like something that only occurs in espionage stories and spy movies. However, people with moderate technical skills can gain access to your cell phone in order to listen to voice mails, siphon money from your accounts and eavesdrop on your private conversations. But you can implement simple phone hacking preventions to keep your phone more secure.

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How To Prevent Cell Phone Hacking

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Watch What You Download

Just like a computer, spyware and malware can be sent via phone apps and email. These harmful programs are made to circumvent Internet security applications, and they will give the hacker to full access to your accounts and contacts. If an email or app seems questionable, do not download it.

Safeguard Your Passwords

Passwords are the hacker’s golden key to cell phone access. Always use your voice mail’s password protection function. You should also change your system’s password once every few months with hard-to-guess passwords. And of course, each account should have a completely different password.

Keep Your Phone Updated

Many of the updates sent to your phone are designed to patch holes in various apps and the phone’s system itself. These holes can be exploited by hackers looking to gain access to your phone. As soon as an update becomes available, download it.

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Anti-Theft Software

Anti-theft software can be installed on your phone, and it comes in handy if your cell falls into the wrong hands. This software will allow you to remotely lock and wipe your phone via an SMS message. In addition, the software can give you real-time location information to help you recover your phone.

Shut Off Bluetooth

Many phone hacks are done through Bluetooth. So when you are not using Bluetooth, shut it off.

Spoof Your Number

Some providers allow access to your voice mail without needing a password if the calling number (Caller ID) is actually yours. Hackers can spoof your number and call the voice mail number on your provider and operate your voice mail as though it was his/her own without to even know your password. For a nominal fee, you can use a number spoofing service. When you make a call, the recipient’s caller ID will show a phone number that is different from your actual number.

Switch It Off

Alright, this may not be a popular choice but if you are not going to use your phone or don’t want to be disturbed for a short while, consider this option instead of putting it on silent or vibrate mode.

Although the aforementioned tips may seem like a lot of work, the time and effort is well worth it when it comes to protecting your phone and accounts. Remember, a secure phone will save you money and aggravation.

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What can you do to prevent cell phone hacking? Please share.


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