How to use Add-ons like Language in SuiteCRM to help you do more?

Management of resources, customers and the staff is important for any business. How do you deal with remote employees and clients? The best way to deal with those complexities is by using Customer Relationship Management Systems.

CRM’s make the process a whole lot easier by making the process largely automated. While you’ll have a fair few options in the market, the open source software SuiteCRM is one of the best available right now.

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The SuiteCRM Language Pack Download – What to Expect?

The software already comes preloaded with a variety of features. However, the most appreciable feature of this software is the use of add-ons. The language pack add-on, for instance, radically improves the functioning of this software.

Language pack extensions work great when it comes to the language translations. So, you don’t have to worry even if your customers or some of your employees don’t understand English, with a SuiteCRM language pack download, you have it covered.

SuiteCRM Language Pack Download Add-ons

The language pack is what you cannot miss out on as a business. Considering the expansion of globalization nowadays, it seems plausible to have customers and employees from various lingual backgrounds. The add-on exactly does the same thing by providing translation henceforth removing a few linguistic barriers that may arise.

Now we will be looking at the various add-ons that are available to us in case of the SuiteCRM. But first we need to understand how and why the add-ons are a powerful feature of the SuiteCRM,

Add-ons provide a means to explore the uncharted potential of any software by tweaking with its developer modules. The same can be done in the case of the SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM provides developers, the ability to add new capabilities according to administrator’s requirements.  The add-ons can be downloaded through the web from the SuiteCRM web store.

How to install language pack in SuiteCRM?

If you are wondering about how you can safely install the add-ons without having any decrement in the performance of the software, then it is quite easy. The process is done by editing the extension framework of the SuiteCRM.

There is a customs folder path available for the software to seek the files. The path is custom/Extension by default; however, it can be later changed. The further enhancements can be made in the add-ons by the developers for ensuring the desired results.

The required file is just required to be transferred at the desired folder path.

Useful Add-ons that will allow you to do a lot more in SuiteCRM

Mobile plugin:

Mobile CRM suite connector provides a whole lot of independence when it comes to how you use the CRM. This plugin can be used to sync your smartphone or tablet with the SuiteCRM client. Mobile CRM is, in fact, a native application that will grant you full access to the SuiteCRM client along with the offline maintenance.

This plugin surely allows you to do more since you will be able to take care of your business on the go.

Outlook Plugin:

We are well aware with popularity Outlook had with the business-related purposes, and that is why it became important to have a plugin that will allow you to get the your SuiteCRM database in sync with the outlook.

This plugin does the same thing as its title describes.

PayPal plugin:

Anyone who is into online marketing is well aware with PayPal’s popularity. This plugin is what  you must be hunting for your SuiteCRM.

It makes the payment process automated, convenient and hassle-free. Combine it with the capabilities of the SuiteCRM, and it becomes any businessmen’s dream software.

Chat Tool Integration:

Who is not familiar with the proverb “The first impression is the last impression”? This plugin allows you to take care of that. This SuiteCRM live-helper chat tool Integration will allow you to converse with your clients and the customers, taking the management from your level to a whole new level.

You can even set off with the automated messages to make the beginning of the conversation smoother.

It has become quite clear that Customer Relation Management systems make the management process effective. These add-ons allow us to make full use of the capabilities of the SuiteCRM to the utmost extent.

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