Let Your PC Know Who’s The Boss!

You probably have at least one PC in your home, maybe two or three. They are incredibly useful machines that have outstanding versatility and seemingly limitless capability. But are you really getting the most out of yours? Some of us like to surf the net, listen to some cool tracks and possibly send a few emails. It is a fact that most of us do not take advantage of most of the PC’s potential uses. Here we take a peek at some of the best ways to really make your PC know that you are the boss!

Let Your PC Know Who's The Boss!

Automation Is The Key

The PC is capable of doing many tasks without your manual intervention, although we seldom use these facilities. You should try to obtain a better understanding of the ways in which you can harness these capabilities before attempting to unleash them. If you approach your PC with an open and slightly enquiring mind, you are already halfway there!

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Get Sorted!

If you ever find it difficult to locate a particular file or application, you will understand how frustrating this can be. It wastes time and can really drain your creative juices, but by the time you have found the pesky item you no longer want to continue your task.  You should figure out a naming convention system and stick to it religiously. Think of something simple and easy to remember and go from there. It is all well and good devising a really sophisticated filing system, but it’s of no use if you forget how to use it correctly. A good rule of thumb when it comes to naming files is to use the date first and the subject matter last. Of course you can devise your own system, just don’t make it too complicated.

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Get Connected!

If your family has more than one computer, why not set up a small network system? It can be incredibly useful for storage and access issues, plus you get to spy on your kids’ activities! You can also use one printer to service all of your machines simultaneously, instead of having to move the printer around your home. To achieve this environment, you should treat one PC as the main server. Pick the most powerful machine, or otherwise you could have problems when all machines are busy. You can download an application such as XAMPP to create the local area network for this setup.

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Some files really take up our valuable disc space, but what happens when you simply have to store them somewhere? You can get external disc drives for this purpose, but they are not that cheap. How about an absolutely free place to use as your friendly storage facility? The ‘Cloud’ will allow you to securely save many files, including your precious photos, without using your hard drive. You can also use your favorite application on any internet connected computer. Instead of waiting to get home before you are able to compile a routine or check your database, you can do this from any browser on any computer.  It will not be long before most computers and laptops have the same specifications and all of the extra applications and memory capability is stored up in the cyber sky.

[Image credit: weimin liu, Flickr]


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