Reasons One Should Buy the MacBook Pro with Retina Display

The latest incarnation of Apple’s popular MacBook Pro has recently hit the market, bringing with it a whole host of updates that make the computer arguably one of the most advanced in the world. While the MacBook Pro’s exterior looks primarily the same as its predecessors, this latest release has one glaring difference: the retina screen. Previously seen on other Apple devices, such as the iPhone and the iPad, the retina display is the first to ever be included on a laptop computer. With more than 5.1 million pixels, the screen is redefining high-definition computers.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display
MacBook Pro with Retina – Best display ever for a laptop.

State-of-the-art display

Retina screens show content in remarkable clarity. In fact, the new display is so high-definition, it isn’t even possible to discern pixels with the naked eye. This makes the new laptop one of the coolest innovations ever for those who use their MacBook Pro for photography and visual arts. Some experts have compared the screen to looking at a high-quality photograph, which will no doubt give graphic artists an edge up. From Photoshop to iPhoto, the options are endless with what MacBook Pro with Retina users will be able to do on their devices.

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All your files, in a flash!

While the retina display is arguably the biggest addition to the new computer, there are plenty of other great features to love in this computer. The MacBook Pro with retina marks the first time an Apple MacBook Pro has been released with solely flash storage. Long gone are the hard drives that have historically been used as storage for files on the operating system. In their place are flash drives that work much more quickly that traditional hard drives. Everything from opening a file to booting the computer takes less time on the MacBook Pro. This brings the MacBook Pro in line with the MacBook Air.

Battery and Power

Another incredible feature of the new MacBook Pro is the inclusion of a high-powered battery that will give users up to 7 hours of wireless Internet access, without the need to recharge. While an impressive battery life such as that is awesome in any laptop computer, the fact that this high-definition machine can deliver 7 hours of battery life is beyond impressive. The battery also allows for thirty days of instant-on stand by time, meaning computer users can make their computer sleep for up to month, only to power it back on instantly 30 days later.

Other powerful additions

Of course, the MacBook Pro with Retina has plenty of other powerful hardware additions to celebrate. From an HD camera mounted on the computer for FaceTime, to the next-generation NVIDIA graphics, there is so much to love about the new MacBook Pro with Retina. The computer is slated to go a step further this summer, when the latest version of the Mac operating system becomes available across the board. Packed with a huge assortment of new features, OS X Mountain Lion will be ready to roar on the MacBook Pro with Retina.

Regardless of whether buyers are drawn to the impressive screen, high-powered battery, or incredible graphics capabilities, there is more than enough for any geek to drool over in the new MacBook Pro. The machine is already flying off the shelves in Apple Stores around the globe, as consumers try to get their hands on one of these devices from the tech giant. In addition to all of the incredible features of the new computer, the MacBook Pro with Retina is compatible with the App Store and all of the other Mac benefits that have made Apple one of the hottest tech companies on the planet.

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