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For hardcore gamers, it is inevitable for you not to be updated with the latest games for different consoles or systems. From uncomplicated arcade games to difficult role-playing games, these require a set of learned skills and knowledge. More specifically, these games come in different genres. Each of the types provides a player with different experiences: from directly jumping off a cliff to solving real puzzles. There are a lot of video game genres in store for you.

However, one video game genre is a hit to all our players out there. There are games in the style of interactive cinema. These are games which focus on the development of the character as well as the storyline. Usually, the ending of the game would be dependent upon your decisions.

Interactive cinema focuses on the story more than on its intricate mechanics. You will be meeting features such as simple to moderate gameplay mechanics, Quick time events, smart non-flashy interface, and choice making. Therefore, if you are a gamer who prefers the story more than action, you might want to check out the following. In this article, we are counting down five of the best games in the genre of interactive cinema.

Heavy Rain


First from the list is Heavy Rain. It is an interactive video game which was developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Released in February 2010, the game features four different protagonists who are involved in the mystery of the Origami Killer. The player would perform actions which are highlighted on the screen. In some cases, the players will conduct a series of Quick time events. Since the player decides on the fate of the characters, the main protagonist might be killed.

Heavy Rain became a successful interactive game for both critics and the users. Due to its success, it is being adapted into a film.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is an interactive cinema video game that entails different genre such as drama, survival, horror, and adventure. Developed by Supermassive Games, this video game was published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 4. It was released internationally in August of 2015.

This interactive video game follows a group of eight teenagers from Western Canada who decide to take a holiday for one night in a cabin on Blackwood Mountain, one year after two members of their group disappeared. After arriving at the fictional mountain, the group finds themselves being attacked by a psychopath. They must then find a way to survive until sunrise.

Until Dawn received a positive critical and commercial response upon its release.

The Walking Dead


Based on the hit comic book series, The Walking Dead is an episodic interactive video game released between April and November 2012. Developed and published by Telltale Games, The Walking Dead features five episodes of drama, adventure, horror, and survival.

The events of the game occur after the zombie apocalypse in Georgia. The game focuses on Lee Everett, a university professor and criminal, who helps to rescue and care for a young girl named Clementine. Most of the characters in this video game are original. However, there are some characters from the original comic book series that make in-game appearances.

The Walking Dead has received critical acclaim upon its release. Consequently, the game has received several accolades.



Fahrenheit is an interactive action-adventure video game. Known in North America as Indigo Prophecy, Fahrenheit was developed by Quantic Dream and was published by Atari, Inc. for Xbox and PlayStation 2.

Set in New York City, the game follows a series of mysterious murders that seemingly follow the same pattern: ordinary people become possessed and kill several strangers in public. The players of the game must navigate the main characters as they uncover the supernatural forces responsible for the crimes.

Since its release in 2005, the original game has already sold over 700,000 units around the world. In 2011, Quantic Dream released the uncensored game for PC through A remastered version of the game entitled, “Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered,” was published by Aspyr in 2015.

The Last of Us


The Last of Use is an interactive action-adventure survival video game which was developed by Naughty Dog and was published Sony Computer Entertainment.  It is played from a third person point of view, with players using firearms and weapons to defend against creatures infected by a strain of the Cordyceps fungus.

The player controls Joel who traverses across post-apocalyptic environments such as forests, towns, and building as the story advances. Joel is tasked to escort a young girl named Ellie across the United States. Ellie is one of the few of are controlled by artificial intelligence. There is also a portion of the game where the player will also control Ellie, especially in the game’s winter segment.

Upon release, the game has received universal acclaim and several accolades. Reviewers praise its narrative, visual and sound design, and gameplay, among others.

Final Thoughts

At this point in time, the video game industry does not seem to vanish from the limelight amid the rise of handheld gadgets. Since playing video games from consoles provides a distinct experience on the side of the player, it is significant to be updated with the different games in different genres. Since the interactive cinema genre is said to be a role-playing game, you will most surely enjoy your experience playing these games.

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