Creating the Perfect Home Office Setup

Whether you’re a full-time freelancer, part-time side hustler, or simply a parent in need of a little repose, you stand to benefit from a dedicated home office. Your work environment ties hand in hand with how many tasks you can accomplish and how well you can perform them. You might deserve a gold medal in the art of multi-tasking, but your brain processes so much better when it’s not in a constant state of distraction.

best home office setup

Typing away at your laptop in bed, checking in on your small business while watching TV on your couch, or tackling a mountain of bills on the kitchen table as you try to feed a rambunctious bunch of kids is not the most effective way to get things done. Here’s how to create the perfect home office setup where you can tune in and tackle all those to-do lists.

We’ve talked in the past about how to set up a home office system, but we focused on the tangible technology you’ll need to get started: your hardware, software, printer, and network. While all these high-level necessities are non-negotiable, there’s a long list of additional items you’ll need for a comfortable, in-the-zone experience. Please visit for office supplies, stationery and office furniture and start creating your perfect home office.

1. Monitor

You might think that learning how to set up dual monitors on Windows 10 is a time-consuming, “why bother?” type of task, but it’s actually super simple and well worth whatever you invest. Monitors don’t cost very much but they allow you to see twice the content. Why toggle between windows, open and close screens, when you can have both of them present at the same time? Easily glance at your side monitor while inputting the information on the screen before you.

2. Wireless mouse

You might think that a mouse (otherwise known as a “peripheral” device) isn’t necessary in the grand scheme of things, but once you upgrade, you’ll never want to go back. Laptop users will immediately feel the improved tactility between a mouse and the standard trackpad, but PC users will be amazed by what a difference the removed cable makes.

We’re all about freeing up your office space with technology. Your desk is somewhat a reflection of your state of mind; stacks of paper, cables crawling over every surface, empty bags of potato chips, and coffee ring stains don’t exactly yield an ideal work environment. It’s easier to keep your desk clean at the office, where discerning eyes might peg you as disorganized and unkempt, but it’s harder to keep the clutter under control at home. Improve your productivity by decluttering your space and experience the direct correlation it has on your mind!

3. Ergonomic desk and chair

At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is take on more work when you can finally sit down and relax… but you’d be a lot more inclined to do so if your home office chair was incredibly comfortable and ergonomic! Setting up the perfect home office isn’t just about investing in the right technology, it’s also about investing in your state of mind.

Ergonomic office equipment is designed for efficiency and natural comfort. Examples include the way a mouse can be contoured to the shape of your hand or a keyboard may include a pad for your wrists to lay upon. A standing desk and supportive chair yield tremendous health benefits, though, so we suggest putting those higher up on your shopping list.

4. Headphones

Many home offices are make-shift additions (such as a partitioned section of a garage). Whether you’re close to the street or within earshot of the kid’s playroom, headphones will help drown out any distracting noise so you can focus on your task at hand. Pro tip: there are many playlists designed to help you focus; find one you like, turn up the volume, and crush some work!

5. Smart Assistant

As scary as it might seem, automation is truly the way of the future. You might have a hard “No” on artificial intelligence, but once you play around with a voice-activated smart assistant, you’ll understand what the hype is about. Need a math equation? Add items to your shopping list? Find out the weather forecast for the upcoming family vacation? Download the right apps for working in a personal office, then simply ask away!

These tips on setting up your home office are geared towards helping you work faster and more comfortably—so you can go back inside and be with the people you love.

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