Tips to Prevent Your iDevices from Being Hacked

Apple devices are not exactly Fort Knox, as much as we’d like to believe them to be. The security crack known as “go to fail” can give the hackers absolute authority into your device to wreak havoc. This security flaw exposes all the apple devices to the threat of being breached. However, you can protect yourself if you download the latest patches as provided by Apple. If you have not done that already, you are exposing yourself to the cyber criminals who are waiting for such oversights to happen so that they can attack.

protect your apple devices from being hacked

As per the latest revelation, the “oh-so-secure” Apple products that were considered impregnable are now said to have been under the potential from as early as 2012. The hacker is able to modify the SSL/TLS protected sessions because of his privileged position on the network. The missing validation steps which have now been restored by Apple are said to have been the reason due to which the authenticity of the connection could not be validated.

Here are some quick tips to protect you from being in this situation.

Security Patch for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

  • Go to settings from the device’s home screen and select the general tab
  • Go to software update and download the latest iOS 7.0.6 which provides security fix for the SSL connection.
  • Select the download and installation for the initialization of the software update

· The fix or the security patch for OS X has been released now. Even then, the users should use some antivirus to detect any suspicious activity and protect them from being attacked by a hacker.

· The “Man-in-the-middle” attacks can also be thwarted by using internet on the secure networks like VPN or the password protected WiFi connection.

· Enable auto-lock and password for your device which will automatically lock it in case of inactivity for some time. As an added measure of security, you must disable all the features that can be accessed without using a passcode.

· Do not jailbreak an Apple device as it is also considered hacking. When you allow your device to run the applications that are not authorized by app store, you are exposing yourself to unspeakable risk already.

· All the security bugs can be fought before any damage if you download the latest upgrades as soon as they are made available. If you do not update in time, you are exposing your device to many bugs and infections that have been identified by the older versions.

· Always have the best antivirus protection installed on your device to provide the protection it needs against hackers. Trend Micro has some of the best antivirus available for Mac, which comes in handy when trying to keep your data safe until Apple can fix bugs and security leaks that pop up.

The latest fiasco about the Apple devices also being vulnerable to cyber attacks has made it all the more important for us to keep a cautious eye out and do all it takes to protect our devices and our data before it is too late.

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[Image credit: Aziem Hassan, Flickr]


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