The Essentials of Antivirus Protection

Today smartphones, tablet PCs, notebooks and PCs become used more and more widely. And the tendency for usage of such devices is only growing. Common users use them in order to communicate, to have fun, to surf the Web and – of course! – to save and store personal data. With the appearance of Internet, the first hackers who wrote malware have appeared soon – and during the whole lifespan of IT many engineers, programmers and developers have fought to withstand the informational war with online frauds.

Antivirus Protection

Different Antivirus Tools

Actually, this is absolutely normal – as soon as people begin to store something valuable on their PCs, they automatically become potential victims of other people, who want to steal those valuable pieces of data and use them on their profit. Speaking frankly, this profit is quite serious – every year carders steal millions of dollars from common people, using the personal information they have stolen from their victims’ PCs. Such facts lead to rivalry – because common users, in their turn, are eager to keep their confidential data safe and sound, and as a result – to keep their money in the bank.

Today many companies develop different antivirus tools – and their results are fantastic, because thanks to their work we can feel more or less safe. Of course, we can just disconnect our Internet cable, but without it we already feel a bit abandoned, don’t we? If we do, we have to look for some other ways of resolving the malware protection problem.

So what should a modern antivirus look like?

Microsoft Security Essentials

First of all – and remember it well: not all expensive antivirus programs are good, and not all free ones are bad. For example, Microsoft Security Essentials from Microsoft is quite a good kind of antivirus, though it is completely free. I’ve used it for really a long time, until it was changed at last to a pre-paid, but a bit more reliable Dr.Web. The trick is that you should always read and understand what experienced users write about fresh versions of antivirus product – because the rivalry between development companies is very sharp and everyone is eager to make an antivirus, which could be better than his opponent’s one. This helps us to make a choice – we can use this one or that one, and never stop on some certain variation. For example, I will certainly try out the new MSE from Microsoft, as soon as Windows 8 is released. Everything you need to do is to read and analyze information – believe me, it’s the best way of understanding the overall topic.

Antivirus Applications for Smartphones

Another actual topic nowadays are antivirus applications for smartphones. Practically all personal info today that we store on PCs is doubled inside our smartphones, and we forget about it. Though, there is already a heap of viruses for Android platforms that steal data as good as their PC-based colleagues. So if you do store some personal info on your phone (I’m sure you do – social networks, photos, passwords etc.) – be sure to protect it with some appropriate antivirus, because it can be stolen easily and quickly as well.


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