7 Reasons to Get Your Android Rooted

Android is probably the most adaptable mobile operating framework nowadays. When you purchase an Android smartphone, you’re impressed how powerful and quick the system is. With the years to come, your smartphone is getting slower and slower. And it seems that there is no way to get the power back. And we know how to uncover the hidden potential of your Android. Just root your device. One may believe that rooting has become a thing of the past, but rather there are still points that rooted telephones can boast of.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss top seven reasons why you should root your Android phone as soon as you read the article.

root android
Image credit: oneclickroot.com

1. Take Advantage of Hidden Features

You think that you can install the apps only from the Google Play Store? No way, Jose! There are lots of other sources to get apps. But as a rule, an average user cannot use Android to the fullest since the manufacturer bans from using all the features or changing system settings. There are applications that manufacturers, as well as carries, don’t approve since they need root access to Android system files. Thus a wide range of powerful apps is unavailable for users.

Rooting gives you a chance to use these applications, get the most recent Android updates, install incompatible apps, etc. Rooting your telephone gives you the opportunity to control your phone.

2. Schedule Tasks for Your Phone

If you want Android to take advantage of a customized “If-Then” framework for example “If I arrive at work, then message my husband”, then just root your smartphone. With that said, there are lots of apps who can do that even without rooting like Tasker. But such tasks as 3G flipping, GPS, turning the screen on, and others require root access. And only rooting can unlock the world of automation.

3. Boost in Performance and Increased Battery Life

There’s a thing called overclocking in rooted telephones that enables you to either speed up or slow down the CPU. While increasing its speed, you are getting better performance for powerful apps such as graphic-rich game, and while slowing the CPU down, you can increase your battery life.

4. Block Up In-App Ads

Ads generate money for developers since the app is free to use. However, ads can get pretty annoying. As a rule, you have to buy a pro version to free your app of the advertisements. Rooting your telephone gives you a chance to block ads in apps. Just imagine, there are no annoying ads while you are using the app. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

5. Enjoy Full Back Up

With a rooted device, you can back up everything. Yes, everything and even your game progress. As a rule, you can back up a couple of things such as apps, contacts, and photos. And with rooting, you can back up every file stored on your device.  Safe rooting makes your life simpler by backing up everything in your telephone, including your applications, system information, and even settings.

6. Get Rid of Pesky Software

Android telephones are often loaded with the built-in applications called bloatware. And as a rule, users don’t use them, but still, cannot uninstall them. Since such apps cannot be deleted, they remain on the phone taking up storage space. And with rooted Android, you can delete every space-wasting app.

7. Customize Android Up to Your Needs

With a rooted device, you can play a developer. With rooting, you can access each setting of your Android device. You can do lots of things such as modifying your console, changing how your Android looks and feels. To put it simply, you can change everything you don’t like. Just root your phone and tailor the system up to your needs and requirements.

Rooting can open you the door to the very heart of the operating system. It allows customizing of every system aspect you don’t like starting from system fonts to the CPU speed. With root access, you can customize your Android up to your needs. Are you still afraid of rooting? Can’t do it on your own? Refer to Safe Root for remote rooting services and get your Android rooted in minutes.

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