Tips on Playing Angry Birds

Angry Birds is an exciting, fun, and at times extremely frustrating game to play with. It’s a game associated with education and learning based on the laws of physics such as speed, angle, bounce, elevation, trajectory and timing. It’s easy to become addicted to this game while you’re trying to control a number of different-colored birds that are trying to retrieve their eggs, which have been stolen by a bunch of green pigs. Don’t let the pigs anger you too much as they mock you. Here are some tips so you can have the last laugh.

Angry Birds

Take some time to relax

The game is a giant puzzle. In order to defeat each level, you have to discover where to launch each bird so that each hit does the most damage. To accomplish this, plan on spending some time with it. You can’t play for 5 minutes at a time. So grab some pretzels, a drink and a pillow and get comfy. This is going to take you a while. But be aware! This game is highly addicted. Sitting and playing computer games for too long is very bad for your health. Control yourself. 😉

Different birds have different abilities

Each bird has its strengths. The yellow birds have speed and are great at smashing through wood. The little blue birds that split into three will devastate glass. The big round black birds are bombs that will make concrete structures crumble. The white bird drops an egg bomb. But after dropping the bomb the white bird also goes flying at rapid speed. So lob the bird into a position so that after dropping the egg bomb, it goes flying into other structures and does even more damage. The little red birds just hit things. But they are useful to hit the top of wobbly structures to bring the whole house down. And there’s the boomerang bird. This bird can be a bit frustrating to learn how to use, but once you do get the right trajectory, there’s nothing out of your reach.

Now introducing the new member – Pink Bird

Yes! The birds are going to get tougher with the introduction of a brand new pink bird. Base on pictures and videos, it’s undoubtly a female Angry Bird with lashes, blue eyes and is carrying a bubble wand. The Pink Bird’s power seems to be the ability to blow egg shaped bubbles as baits to lure in the pigs. I’m still waiting to see exactly how this would work during the actual game play. So until then… 🙂

Bird Order

When you start each level, the birds are already in firing order. Let this be a giant hint to you where you should be firing first. Remember each bird’s strength and go after the corresponding structure first and that should help you show those pigs who’s the boss.


Those pesky pigs always seem to have something up their snouts. They are sneaky and certainly don’t hesitate to mock you when you fail. But take it from an Angry Birds addict, use the tips above and those pigs will soon be tripping over each other to give you back your eggs!

Do you like to play Angry Birds? Which one is your favorite bird and why? Are you excited about the introduction of a new “Girlie Pink Bird”? Let us know in the comments.


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