Ways to Ensure Your Computer Will Run to its Optimum

Computers are essential tools for a lot of people. They are potentially some of the most expensive items we keep in the house too. That means we should give them the care and attention they need to continue running at their optimum level. Some people will get so frustrated with a slow computer that they simply throw it out. However, that can be avoided for a lot longer if we are prepared to conduct the right maintenance of our computers. 

ways to ensure your computer will run to its optimum

Image from Pixabay

Adjust Your Power Settings

If you are using an automatic power-saving plan, then your computer will be running more slowly slower. You should change your power plan to boost your performance. You can normally do this by clicking on the battery icon on the taskbar or finding the battery controls in the control panel or system preferences for Mac users.


If your computer has less then 15% storage space left on the hard drive, this will be slowing the system down. There are several ways you can create more space, such as uninstalling and deleting programs you no longer use or have never used as they were part of the initial package. Delete files you do not use or use cloud storage or an external hard drive. The more space you can clear, the better your computer will run.

System Tools

There are several system tools you can use to maximize your computer’s performance, such as a disk defragger to optimize the drive. Anything you can run on the drive will clear up any issues and speedup a slow computer.

Prevent Automatically Running Programs

Having a lot of different programs running in the background will have the effect of slowing down your system. To stop programs that are currently running, click ‘ctrl, alt, delete’ for Windows, or ‘command, option, escape’ if you use a Mac and open up the task manager. You should be able to see a list of programs that are currently running, and you can end them. If your computer opens up very slowly, you may have a lot of programs trying to open up simultaneously from start up. You can disable programs from startup, too which can instantly speed up the initial opening of your computer.

Switch Ad Tracking Off

This also has the double function of protecting your privacy. On Windows 10, the system automatically collects ad data. Open up your privacy setting. You can search for this in the system search bar on the tool bar, and ensure that the let app use advertising ID… is set to off.

Clear Dust

Dust is not only an annoying part of our lives but it can build up inside your computer and cause it to overheat. Meaning that dust can reduce the performance of your computer, as well as reducing its lifespan. With desktops, it is relatively simple to open up the computer and blow all the dust out of the fans and other parts. However, with a laptop, you may need to use compressed air and blow inside the vents to remove any dust build-up. Read this on how to clean your computer (Tips and Tricks).