Three Ways You Can Recycle Your Unused Gadgets

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Society has become dependent on mobile technology in recent years due to the proliferation of companies like Apple and Samsung developing new hardware continuously. Then there are also Google and the Open Handset Alliance creating useful tools like the Android mobile operating system. And this dependency is on the rise.

According to a report done recently, over 50% of mobile telephones that are bought will be smartphones operated by an OS come mid-2013. This certainly benefits the companies concerned. But what happens to the countless devices that are no longer used? There are a number of options available to consumers. We look into three of them.

Selling gadgets via local classifieds or free Internet advertisements

No matter where you live, in the UK or further afield, you most likely have a local community newspaper which lists classifieds of items for sale. You might also want to sell your gadgets via the online route by publishing an advertisement for potential buyers. After uploading an image and information on the product, you simply have to wait for the buyer to come to you. On the plus side, you will not be giving out any money should you not find a suitable buyer. The downside however, is that you may meet some dishonest folk who waste your time by not actually buying the goods in the end despite showing interest.

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Selling your device via a company that recycles mobile phones

Your best option when it comes to unwanted handsets is probably to explore the avenue of mobile phone recycling. This process works by a company giving you a price quote for your phone’s particular brand, model and condition. Should you be accepted, you will have to submit your device to the company and they will pay you for it. The company in question then fixes the phone should it have any faults and resell it to a developing nation. If the handset is unusable, the company will first extract the precious parts of the phone and melt the rest. The price which you earn for your device alternates between companies. This comes down to the age of the phone, the condition and also the time period before the next model of the same phone is set to be released. This is why it is in your best interest to use a comparison site such as that will search for the best offer.

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eBay and other auction sites to sell your goods

Many people will use the auction site eBay as their first stop when selling unwanted products. It is known across the world for being the largest online marketplace with millions of transactions going through on a daily basis. But this does not necessarily mean that all of its users are trustworthy. You can generally be sure of the best possible return on your product but the risk of scammers is very big with schemers trying to get you to send them the product before actually paying for it. Should you decide to use eBay, you can expect great service such as a complete auction listing, including photos of your device plus all details added. As a seller, you have the choice of either the “buy now” or the “reserve auction” functionality. Adversely, you will be subjected to high fees such as a fee for placing the listing as well as a fee at the end of the purchase. In total, this equates to round about 10% of the end sales price. Also, you may need to pay PayPal fees , equaling a cost of three times the cost in charges.

In the end, it appears that the easiest and most risk-free of all the options is going with a mobile recycling company. Be sure to choose the correct one that gives you a good return in the quickest time possible.

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