Why Erasing Your Hard Drive May Not Be Enough

destroying hard driveIn this day and age information can be extremely powerful if the wrong person gets their hands on it. The right information in the wrong hands can be detrimental to a company. This is why it is extremely important for companies to know exactly what information should be safeguarded versus information that doesn`t need to be guarded.

Due to the fact that we have moved from storing information in cabinets to storing it digitally, many companies have come to realize that simply erasing a hard drive is not enough. It doesn`t ensure that valuable information will not fall into the wrong hands. This is why many companies are turning to hard drive destruction.

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How You Can Retrieve Deleted Information

Gone are the days when you can simply hit delete on your computer and all the information stored in your hard drive would never be seen again. Delete can be considered as nothing else but surface erasure. It only does away with the shortcuts and links that lead those who are tech savvy to the actual information. System recovery software can undo all the actions made by the delete command, so those who know this will usually go a step further than just deleting. They will take the time to format the entire hard drive, which is far better than just deleting the information.

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Are Your Really Erasing Your Hard Drive?

This still allows for specialists to easily recover all the info that is hidden despite the missing address tables. It is harder, but possible.  Another option apart from hard drive destructionis erasing the hard drive. Now this may be a great solution if it didn’t have one drawback. It takes quite some time to erase all the data stored on a hard drive. To make matters worse, the bigger the hard drive the longer it will take, which means if you have a lot of data you could be waiting for hours for the information to be erased.

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Gone for Good

This is why the best way to make sure your information or data is completely erased is to go for hard drive destruction.  This will cause the hard drive to be inoperative, which is the result you want if you would like the information on your hard drive to be destroyed. The price is not too high if you consider the alternative of the information getting into your competitors hands. Hard drive destruction guarantees that you will never have to worry about somebody getting their hands on a hard drive you threw into the garbage somewhere.

These services are not new in the market and a lot of businesses have already started including them in their monthly expenditures. They subscribe for shredding and other services that make sure when they want to get rid of data it is done right. By subscribing, a better quote is given to them and it also assures them that they are constantly making sure all their information is where it is supposed to be. It is very secure because the majority of these firms will request that a representative from your business watch the destruction of these storage media and documents.


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