How to Save Your Android Phone from Annoying Ads

That the fall in privacy is in synchrony with the rise in technology is a pretty common known fact. And so accordingly, your Android phone, that was once the hub of tranquility – where you played games, checked emails, made calls without being bothered – is now being regularly bombarded with a blitzkrieg of advertisements.

Sales pitches are taking over your devices. This is understandable, considering the rise in popularity of Android. From cell phone tracker to Android spy software advertisers leave no stone unturned in sending over a barrage of updates, to woo the consumers. Here’s how you can ward them off…

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Ad-Blocking Apps

Android Market is full of apps that are designed to block ads on the Android devices. However, a lion’s share of these apps – big guns like AdFree Android and AdAway – are only available for rooted phones. Hence, if you’ve rooted your phone – which in turn would have given you complete control over your phone – you can try these apps, and steer clear of unwarranted advertising.

The Barricade

There’s the Ad Blocker & Data Toggle app which has been designed to cater to the needs of those users that find ads on their Android devices rather repulsive. The said app works when you turn off your Internet connection, once the game or app that you’ve selected is opened. If the Internet connection is turned off the app would not be able to access the advertisements, even though it would also mean that you can’t block ads in those apps that require Internet connectivity to work.

Web Wizardry

If one were to turn off their data connection, browsing the Web of course becomes a conundrum. Even so, there are various apps that cater to this issue by forestalling the ads from spoiling the Web surfing on your device. For example, there’s Android Adblock, through which you can  manually add the rules for blocking and modify the filters.

Pulling it Off

Ask any person that finds these unwarranted ads particularly unbearable and they’d tell you that there is nothing more annoying than those ‘push notifications’. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that blocking the ads that accompany the notifications are difficult to block out if one doesn’t want to root their Android phone. Nonetheless there still are options that might help the cause.

Like for instance, one could avoid apps that allow the ads to penetrate your devices, and as obvious as it sounds reading the fine print and user reviews before actually installing any particular app would help you protect your Android phone.

Beyond the Jurisdiction of Convention

One might feel that parrying away ads from your smartphones is their right, but in this epoch brimming with a multitude of cell phone tracker, not only is it difficult to pull off it might actually be offensive for some – especially the developer community. Advertisers believe that it is their conventional right to advertise their products and such blockade could aggravate their numbers. Nevertheless, most Android buffs agree that the advertisers take the publicity endeavors overboard, and relentlessly use Android spy software and cell phone tracker to stuff in as many advertising inlets as possible. This is precisely why you need to strengthen your defense mechanism, lest your Android phone becomes the hub of advertising maneuvers.


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