Key Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

Before we jump into the tips about Windows 7, an important observation must be made. It is no argument that Windows 7 is one of the fastest, smartest, and most useful and consumer friendly OS on the market right now.

The OS ensures that the Programs all load and run relatively quicker than on any other system, your computer is also in a very simplified state and using it is not just easy but also enjoyable. There are some avenues which are not known to many, which are designed to assist the user full exploitation of the OS.

Auto Arrange Files

Windows 7 has an option which allows for automatic arrangement of cluttered files and shortcuts on the home screen. There is also a simple way of personalizing your home screen themes and wallpapers. Right clicking on the mouse or touch pad will give you access to both of these tips.

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Finds Devices

Windows 7 makes sharing and saving files on your PC as it facilitates the accommodation to a wide range of third-party devices. It does this by offering quick and easy connectivity to phones, music players, and other gadgets. Moreover, the OS has a very fast and accurate built-in search engine cleverly coined “windows explorer”. This medium makes it possible to find everything on the hard drive by simply typing what you are looking for. I must admit that this is not one of those breakthrough tips but, not everybody knows about the search options.

Maximizing Window Sizes

There comes a time while either viewing photos or on the net browsing that you need a big window for checking out the content. Regular users are already familiar with the maximizing size option on the top right corner of every page. If you desire a much larger window, it is made possible by simply pressing the “f11” key. This makes the page’s title bar and taskbar disappear and subsequently increasing the screen space for better viewing.

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Pinning your Favorite Files

Windows 7 also offers its users an important option of pinning your favorite files or applications to the taskbar for convenience and easy access. To achieve this, simply right-click the program while it’s running and the “pin program to taskbar” option will pop up, just click on it and voila, your favorite program is on the taskbar. You may also choose to pin it by dragging its shortcut directly from the desktop.

Burning ISO Images

Here is a revelation for all artistic minds; did you know that it’s possible to burn images using Windows7? This exciting feature offers users capability to have ISO images burned to CD’s or DVDs. By double-clicking the ISO image then choosing the drive that has the blank disc and just like that, the disc will be created. This is one of my favorite Windows Seven Tips.

Built in Doctor

Windows 7 comes complete with its own “doctor”, in case you encounter a problem and don’t know how to fix it then this is what to do. Click on the start button then proceed to the Control Panel then click on the ‘Troubleshooting’ option. This will give you access to the great troubleshooting packs available. By following the simple instructions there, your PC will be fixed in no time.

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Virtual WI-Fi

Windows 7 comes fitted with a novel feature called Virtual Wi-Fi, and it turns your PC into a router for software. With it, one is able to link with any active devices and once linked, it is possible to share the internet connection. There are network tools which can help you set up this feature.

Windows Seven is an amazing operating system that has many hidden features within.

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