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Best Android alternatives to iPad

The tablets’ market has been following the uptrend from past some time and is expected to replace the computers from home. Though prediction may go wrong, but the current growth rate may send this prediction into the

Technology: The Waiting Game vs The Impulse Buy

In today’s society, technology is changing faster than a Felix Baumgartner free-fall record attempt. Companies such as Apple Inc. and Microsoft are constantly developing new ideas to make their product better, faster, pocket sized, more colorful, more

The New iPad : What We Hoped For and What We Didn’t Get

A twinge of excitement runs through our bones when we hear Apple will be launching a new product, or in this case, a new take on an old product. When Apple announced it would be launching a

Are Tablets Becoming The Preferred Computing Choice?

Tablets (No, I’m not talking about the medicine type) are the in thing today, the gadget everyone has to have whether technologically savvy or not. Given the tablet’s appeal and how popular it is, a majority of