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Candy Crush Brings In Sweet Revenue

King, the global gamemaker of the overwhelmingly popular game Candy Crush Saga, has over 100 million people playing this game each day. This certainly gives their gamemaking rivals something to think about. If you enjoy playing Angry

Benefits of Online Racing Games

With many giant console manufacturers under serious threat from the rise of smartphone and online gaming popularity, we take a look at why online gaming is often better than console gaming. As wallets are getting tighter and

How to Enjoy Computer Games More Cheaply

Gaming is becoming more and more of a mainstream hobby and more and more something that is acceptable for adults and families. While gaming is a great and immersive form of entertainment though, it is also unfortunately

Get Fit With Kinect Fitness Games

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is one of the reasons that cause obesity. With the advancing technology such as televisions, computers, washing machines, dish washers, remote controls and other modern convenience devices, it has made life even more