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Take the Mysticism Out of Tech: Learning Which Motherboards are the Best

A motherboard is essentially the central piece of your PC. It has the function of connecting all the vital parts together to form a complete whole PC. But the question remains: how to choose the best motherboard

Building A Beastly Budget Gaming Battlestation

Building your own computer has long been a right of passage in the PC gaming world and it certainly has many benefits doing so. Choosing your own components and parts usually makes the whole ordeal a lot

Boost Computer Speed While Staying On Budget

If you’ve noticed that your PC is slowing down but only have limited funds to spend on upgrades, you will want to select the best hardware upgrades possible that can speed up your computer without breaking the

How to Set Processor Affinity in Windows 7 and 8

These days, almost everybody has a multi-core processor. One thing that many Windows users don’t know is that you can set which processors are processing certain tasks. Knowing how to set processor affinity in Windows 7 and

Practical Tips to Help You Install a Motherboard

Most people cringe at the thought of having to open up their desktop computer’s cabinet, and removing and replacing items. And so installing a motherboard, understandably, would conjure up images of smoking computer components and unequaled human