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Why Tablet Sales Are Dropping?

Everybody who is anybody is saying that tablet sales are plummeting. Even the Best Buy CEO claims sales have been crashing even with all of the new and innovative tablets currently being produced by Samsung and Apple.

Tips to Prevent Your iDevices from Being Hacked

Apple devices are not exactly Fort Knox, as much as we’d like to believe them to be. The security crack known as “go to fail” can give the hackers absolute authority into your device to wreak havoc.

How to Download Video With No Software Installation

Okay, I am a huge fan of crime series, and I love watching their repeats whenever I can. Sadly I cannot do it on T.V. all the time but YouTube has it. Apart from that, there are

The Top 5 Encyclopedia Apps Suitable for Kids

A few decades ago, elementary-age kids, teenagers who are in high school and even college students had to go through rows of books in the library when doing their research. For those who are lucky enough to

Tablets and Phones to watch out for in 2013

Technology is growing at a rapid pace – just five years ago, touch screen phones were just emerging onto the mainstream market and Windows 7 had only just been born into the market place. Fast-forward half a

Six Essential Accessories to Consider for Your Tablet Device

Forcing their way into the mainstream technology spectrum, tablets are quickly becoming a must have gadget. The trouble is, many people argue that tablets simply don’t offer the functionality that other electrical devices such as laptops, music

A Refresher in Upgrading Your iDevices to The Latest iOS Software

September 19, 2012 was the big day for all of us users of Apple’s iDevices (the iPhone, iPod, and iPad) because on that day, Apple Corporation has made its latest iOS software available for download. Yes, you

Top 3 Math Apps for iPhone or iPad

Lets face it, math is not the most intriguing or intuitive subject. For this reason, many students find learning math a real drag! As a math tutor in NYC that deals with children of all ages, I