How to Upgrade Your iDevices to The Latest iOS Software

September 19, 2012 was the big day for all of us users of Apple’s iDevices (the iPhone, iPod, and iPad) because on that day, Apple Corporation has made its latest iOS software available for download. Yes, you can now upgrade to the iOS 6 software if you’re an iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPod touch, iPad 2, and the new iPad user. Most of the Apple users were excited about the promise that the newest mobile software offers. There were even some fans that stayed up all night just to be the first ones to have the software on their iGadgets and try them. Question is, are you familiar on how you can successfully upgrade to the newest iOS software? Don’t you worry for we will give you a refresher course on how you can have the iOS 6 on your device.

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Before you perform the upgrade though, why not try doing these:

Have your device ready

When we say readying your device, we mean that you should back up all the data that you have on your phone. Save those contacts, important messages, photos, music, e-mails, and anything and everything that is saved on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Hook your gadget up on iTunes and back-up all of the data that you might need should something wrong happens with the upgrade. It’s not as if upgrades are complicated processes. If anything you are just being really safe with all those precious info. Also, make sure to charge your gadgets up full.

Check the net for news about the latest software’s availability

Know when exactly the software is going to be launched. This could help you whether you are someone who wants to be the first few people to get the upgrade or if you are avoiding the rush. Every single time that Apple launches software upgrades, their servers get really clogged up, causing problems with downloads delaying your upgrade. If you want to be ahead of everybody else, make sure that you perform the upgrade as soon as the software is available. If you want to have a fast and hassle-free upgrade though, wait until the situation cools down and the traffic on Apple’s servers are down.

Plan ahead and avoid roadblocks

The upgrade may last for an hour or more depending on your internet connection speeds, the traffic on Apple’s servers, as well as your computer’s performance. Err on the side of caution and plan ahead for this upgrade. With an uninterrupted power supply, you can avoid power failures that could have your gadget ruined. A good and fast internet connection assures faster and uninterrupted downloads which translates to a faster upgrade process. Running lesser applications on your computer also helps make it faster, speeding up the whole upgrade process.

And now, for the actual upgrade process:

Plug your gadgets to your computer – Having your iPod, iPhone, or iPad plugged in on your computer and running iTunes is basically what you need to do to perform the upgrade.

Follow the instructions on your computer – Every now and then your computer would be asking you to turn your phone off, press the home button, and more. Make sure that you are there, monitoring the whole upgrade process. Make sure that you follow each and every instruction very well as some mistakes could have a great impact on your phone’s performance.

Set-up your device – After the computer has downloaded and installed the OS, there are some configurations that might have been changed in the course of the upgrade. Set up your gadget’s information, wireless connection, iTunes and iCloud accounts, and everything that your gadgets ask you to. This ensures your device’s perfect operation after the upgrade.

Sync your device – In rare occasions, some information might have been lost while the upgrade process is being carried out. Sync your device on iTunes. Get back all of your contacts, messages, music, photos, videos, even apps.

There you have it, you have already installed the latest Apple iOS software on your device. Who says upgrading to the latest Apple software is hard? Now you can enjoy all the benefits of the iOS 6 on your iGadget. So go follow these simple tips and steps and have your iPhone, iPod, or iPad updated now!

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