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What to Look for in a Smartphone for Your Traveling Sales Team

As smartphones have become nearly universal among Americans, they have become indispensable tools for sales representatives. Sales reps who use mobile phones effectively have a solid edge over the competition. Sales professionals who use mobile CRM apps

The Unbelievable Ways Technology Can Help Your Business Save Money

It’s no secret that technology has so many uses in the business world. Amongst all these uses it’s become amazing at helping businesses save money. Do you want to know how? Then check out the points in

How to Choose the Right Type of Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Why do we Have Broken Calls? The problem of dropped or missed call is not new at all, and we can claim that the number of such cases is getting up, because more and more people acquire

Top 5 Music Gadgets to Keep An Eye On in 2014

No one can say no to music! It is a real magic that the same sounds come up with millions of mellifluous tunes in all new ways all the times. 2013 was a year of various gadgets

In the Market for Camera Poles? Here’s a Buyer’s Guide

Not getting the right shots despite your best attempt? It may be because of the height from which you see the world. You raise your camera to your eyes and shoot a picture. This is easier for

Mobile Platform No 3: Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Phone story is, in general, overwhelmed with hardships and blocking difficulties. There are no breathtaking surges and not even more crushing falling there. It is just a kind of persistent labor of the company, which used

How to Protect Your Phone

Smartphones are becoming more advanced every year. The top of the range smartphones in the likes of the iPhone’s and Samsung’s are costing around £500 for the most basic model, so you want to make sure that

Reasons to Run Product Giveaways on Your Blog

We’ve seen many bloggers organizing product giveaways on their blogs, but what are the reasons they do this? It could be any one of the reasons below: Clearing old inventory Many site owners like to use product