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How VR Will Improve The Gaming Industry Including Live Casinos?

Technology is evolving rapidly, especially in the gaming industry. VR headsets and controllers are making their way into the hand of the consumers. Virtual Reality creates a virtual world around the user, simulates his physical appearance in

How Playing Games Makes You Smarter

We have all heard about the negative stigma surrounding gamers and their quiet lives. They are usually pictured as individuals sitting with their gaming consoles in a secluded corner of the house, isolated from rest of the

The Impact of Tablet Devices on The Education Sector

Education and learning have acquired a new face since the advent of the tablet PC’s, such as iPads and other tablets. There has been a sea change in the manner of teaching, and students have been the

Gesture Control Your Computer with The Leap

The Leap is an input device which conjures up a virtual 3D space users can navigate with their fingers. Developed by San Francisco company Leap Motion, it has the potential to revolutionize computer use. A Pocket-Sized Sensory

Google Adds Games to Rival Facebook

Ok, I’m sure you are very familiar with YoVille, Texas Hold’em, Farm Town and other Facebook games if you are always hanging around with the famous social networking site. But with Google+, you might want to check