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The Best and Simple Way to Recover Lost or Deleted Files – Remo File Recovery

Deleting files accidentally from the computer is a common scenario among computer users. Well, that’s not a problem because you can restore deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin. However, the issue arises when you delete files and

Making the Upgrade to VPS from Shared Hosting

Shared hosting can be a good option for some people who are looking to save as much money as possible on web hosting services, but it certainly isn’t the best overall. This hosting option has been around

6 Reasons Why Embedded Systems are Popular in the IT Industry

The entire IT industry is now relying on embedded systems to perform varied operations. These systems are thus rapidly gaining popularity. In this multi-tasking era, such single-tasking technology is so widely being adopted only because of its

What are Storage Spaces?

Storage Spaces are a new Microsoft innovation introduced a year ago in Windows Server 2012. As of now, a second version of Storage Spaces is released in Windows Server 2012 R2. Using Storage Spaces, you can combine

5 Reasons Why Free Cloud Storage Should Suffice for You

How do you ensure your files are always available and safe? What if one day your hard disk crashed and you lose all your important data such as photos, musics and documents? So, why not start looking

Data Residency: things to know

Remember the days when your computer had a whopping 20GB of storage, and that was just enough? Now take a look at 2012 and compare – 20GB is hardly enough storage for a USB device and your