5 Reasons Why Free Cloud Storage Should Suffice for You

free cloud storage

How do you ensure your files are always available and safe? What if one day your hard disk crashed and you lose all your important data such as photos, musics and documents? So, why not start looking into cloud storage.

I know at times, it is difficult to rely completely on free cloud storage. However, have you really look into what a free cloud storage could offer you compared to the paid ones and what paid cloud storage actually offer you where the free ones don’t? We will get to that later on in this article.

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If you just need a place to store your data and nothing fancy other than that, I believe what the free cloud storage could provide to you is sufficient for now. This article delivers its message completely to the end user that wants to use cloud storage for personal use only and not for business owners.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use free cloud storage

1. You don’t need to store everything

When you know that you are using a free cloud service, you should not expect to store your entire hard drive into the cloud. After all, the reason you need a cloud storage is to keep important information into the cloud such as documents, photos and notes. If you are expecting to store your videos in the cloud, then I guess you can’t escape paying for more cloud storage space.

2. You can always combine several cloud storage providers

Sign up for lots of cloud storage services. Popular ones like Dropbox, Skydrive, Ubuntu One, Google Drive already offer you up to 19GB in total and there are still more counting out there. Once you had signed up for those services, sign up one more which is Jolidrive to manage all your storage in one place. The biggest problem when you have so many cloud service is managing all of them. As a result, you need a tool to manage all your cloud storage in one place. Jolidrive is a free tool but there are several tools out there as well which might charge you a little for a better service. Here is the complete guide from PC World on how to increase the space of free cloud storage.

3. They only offer you more storage

What you usually get by paying for cloud storage is always the amount of storage only. Since you can combine them, why not make use of all the free services first. You will only need hundreds of GB of data when you own a real business and at that time, you should have a certain amount of budget for cloud storage.

4. Not much differences in terms of security

Usually those paid and free ones does not differ a lot when it comes to security. Why is it so? This is because their reputation is at risk if they allowed a poorer security implementation for free service while enhance the security only for those who pay. Let’s put it this way, if their free service is not secured, then why should you go for the premium one? That is why if you think you pay more to get better security, you are not so right after all.

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5. Because it is free

What other better reasons that you have to resist a good and free service? None! I personally think this is the ultimate reason why you should go for cloud storage which are free. I myself have been using a couple of them and I find that it is the best way for me to store all my data without having to pay a single cent.

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